Symbolic IO Emerges from Stealth with First Computational-Defined Storage Solution

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symbolicioToday Symbolic IO emerged from stealth mode with a suite of products destined to change the way industry defines storage and computing architecture, by bringing to market the first truly computational-defined storage solution.

The company’s IRIS (the Intensified RAM Intelligent Server) product will be offered in three variations: IRIS Compute, IRISVault and IRIS Store. The server solution introduces a new approach to storage and computing by rethinking how binary bits are processed and ultimately changing the way data is utilized. Symbolic’s solutions ensure that enterprise storage and compute no longer rely on media or hardware, instead “materializing” and “dematerializing” data in real-time and providing greater flexibility, performance and security.

“We have been testing IRIS in our organization and it’s completely changing the way we see storage and computing,” said Will Prince, Vice President Operations, MetTel. “Our prior system would take minutes to run advanced database queries, IRIS is completing the queries in seconds, in initial beta tests. The IRIS solution isn’t only the fastest product we’ve used, but it eliminates very real challenges for our organization, including data creep, duplication of data and it is creating one place for management workflow. It’s giving us computational power and speed in a very dense hardware footprint.”

How it Works

Symbolic IO’s proprietary operating system, SymCE is dependent solely on the power of the processor, therefore, it is truly media agnostic, enhancing the underlying media’s density and performance, beyond anything previously conceived by traditional manufacturers. The proprietary technology is based on patented algorithms that work seamlessly with the current workflow and instruction sets, allowing for an easy implementation and zero downtime. In addition the solution is the most secure offering today, given the operating system is a conversion engine converting any data into a new sub-state, rendering the information useless to anyone else other than the systems owner, given it’s not stored.

This industry hasn’t really innovated in more than 20 years, even the latest offerings based on Flash have limitations that cannot be overcome. Our goal at Symbolic IO was to completely redefine and rethink the way computing architectures work. We’ve completely changed how binary is handled and reinvented the way it’s processed, which goes way beyond the industry’s current excitement for hyper-conversion,” said Brian Ignomirello, Founder & CEO, Symbolic IO. “One of our early tests, allows us to run a full cable class content delivery network over 80+ nodes, while streaming 80+ full-featured movies simultaneously on one channel and requires less than 8% of the CPU capacity and we had plenty of headroom to run more. IRIS is 10,000 times faster than today’s Flash.”


  • IRIS Compute delivers the fastest, unparalleled processing performance, 10 times faster than 3D XPoint.
  • IRIS Vault delivers computationally secure, unrecognizable data, and crypto shred and lock out features. It offers physical security with Symbolic’s advanced ASIC and sensory technology, which features a secure shipment and other features.
  • IRIS Store offers the greatest density of any storage device, by consistently surpassing one petabyte in 2U.

IRIS, the company’s first product, has been beta tested and will be in early access production with customers, prior to a limited general availability release in late Q4 2016. The product will be based on a build cost structure with beginning units starting at approximately $80K and going up depending on features.

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