SGI Opens European Joint Research Centre at EPCC in Edinburgh

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HFZ5idE1Today SGI announced a significant investment in extreme scale software research at The Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) at the University of Edinburgh. The investments at this top tier research centre highlight the commitment of SGI to the European software research community. These resources, including SGI application software and supercomputing hardware expertise, will assist scientists as they explore issues related to healthcare, materials science, climate change and renewable resources, among many other topics.

Cutting edge research requires the ability to process large amounts of data at extreme scale. SGI HPC solutions and software expertise at the ERC and EPCC will allow us to gain insights faster,” said Professor Mark Parsons, director of EPCC. “This partnership is an exciting step in European HPC research across many sectors, from healthcare to energy. We’re committed to making it a great success for both organizations.”

EPCC scientists, in collaboration with SGI, will further research a diverse set of scientific applications and systems software tools that enable production supercomputing at extreme scale. SGI and EPCC will research and create the next generation of computational science to handle future research needs.

We are extremely excited and proud to collaborate with one of Europe’s leading research institutions to help redefine computational science at extreme scale,” said Jorge Titinger, president and CEO of SGI. “By partnering with EPCC we will be able to work with Europe’s top researchers across many disciplines, to help understand and solve the software challenges that will be occurring as we move to exascale computing.”

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