FlyElephant 2.0 Improves HPC Collaboration Features

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flyelephantToday the FlyElephant team announced the release of the FlyElephant 2.0 platform for High Performance Computing. Versioin 2.0 enhancements include: internal expert community, collaboration on projects, public tasks, Docker and Jupyter support, a new file storage system and work with HPC clusters.

FlyElephant is a platform for data scientists, engineers and scientists, which provides a ready-computing infrastructure for high-performance computing and rendering. It helps to find partners to work together on projects, as well as it can manage all resources from one place. The platform consists of three main parts:

  • Compute. A quick access to a cloud computing cluster or to a HPC cluster with the necessary software, as well as a calculation automation.
  • Collaborate. Working together on projects and an expert community, where you can find partners to solve a task or to get expert advice.
  • Manage. License management, software, computing resources, templates, algorithms, data and results in one place.

New innovations in FlyElephant 2.0:

  • Expert Community. We began to develop the internal community of experts. Now you can post your profile in the catalog, add your colleagues as friends, share tasks and results. You will receive bonus computational hours for your activity within the community.
  • Working together on projects. You can create public and private projects, invite colleagues to join them and share the calculation results within the projects. Everyone can join a public project and contribute to its solution.
  • Public tasks. Users can publish and share their tasks and results. All public tasks of a user are available on his profile page.
  • Docker support. We implemented the support of Docker containers. Now users can run their calculations even faster using programs from the catalog. In the future, it will be possible to run the users own Docker container inside the platform.
  • Jupyter support. We implemented Jupyter support for the interactive work with the code.
  • VNC support. For remote access to applications that require a desktop, we’ve implemented the support of VNC.
  • New file storageWe have implemented the new storage on the basis of the ownCloud. Now users can easily synchronize their data between all workstations and repositories.
  • Work with HPC clustersWe implemented Slurm support, which allows you to send tasks directly from FlyElephant to the HPC clusters. The first HPC cluster is already added to our catalog.
  • Registration via various social networksThe registration has become even easier and faster.
  • Slack community. Join the FlyElephant user community and the Slack HPC community.

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