RAID Inc. & SwiftStack Deliver HPC Object Storage at Scale

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swiftstackToday RAID Inc announced a strategic go to market partnership with SwiftStack, the leader in object storage for the enterprise. This officially ratified partnership augments the RAID Inc. portfolio of technical computing and data center infrastructure solutions by adding SwiftStack’s object storage platform to its Ability Storage solutions, ultimately allowing a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for all.

State of the art advancements in computing require a storage architecture that traditional SAN or NAS infrastructure was never designed for,” said Don Jaworski, CEO of SwiftStack. “Our partnership with RAID Inc. gives HPC audiences a modern storage architecture that supports data-centric workflows and enables an infrastructure cost model that meets both the durability and budget requirements of those organizations.”

As massive volumes of unstructured data are generated globally on a daily basis, RAID Inc. looks to leverage its high performance credentials to provide an OpenStack-based object storage solution for boundless data. RAID Inc. is collaborating with SwiftStack to offer the end-to-end software-defined storage platform to provide engineer-driven consultation and ensure that each solution delivered meets business performance requirements for availability, scalability, and cost.Traditional archive systems and cloud offerings are costly and unwieldy as data grows. Based upon a recent study, IDC estimates that by 2017, 79% of the storage capacity shipped into enterprises will be for storing unstructured data. Scale-out file systems on object-based storage platforms give industries generating massive amounts of data, a simple and flexible storage solution that helps lower TCO.

The integration of SwiftStack 4.0 with the RAID Inc. Ability EBOD Series enables HPC and enterprise customers to develop on-premises cloud storage capabilities in their own data center. SwiftStack powers enterprises with an SDS platform that delivers a scalable private cloud platform with simplified storage management. This solution is available with design guidance and expertise from RAID Inc. and builds on SwiftStack’s OpenStack Swift heritage.

“Agility and cost efficiency are driving the need for technical computing environments and IT organizations to deliver cloud-like services for their internal uses,” said Robert Picardi, CEO of RAID Inc. “Combining the RAID Inc. performance driven technical computing background and our ultra-dense Ability EBOD enclosures with SwiftStack’s Object Storage Architecture allows us to help our customers effectively overcome storage at scale demands, with a low-risk and easy to manage solution for scaling on-premises unstructured data workloads.”

Integrating SwiftStack’s object storage capabilities with Ability EBODs creates one of the most cost-effective and scalable private storage clouds on the market. The massively scalable EBODs drive significant performance writing and retrieval benefits across cloud and on-premises data centers, bringing platform performance-tuning in sync with an object storage solution that allows businesses to take advantage of a software-defined architecture.

TCO will be lowered for technical computing entities by deploying a RAID Inc. SwiftStack solution for their archiving, content delivery and DR requirements. Object storage at scale solutions include support for SwiftStack deployments with the RAID Inc. holistic design approach and 24×7 concierge support providing personalized service resources to remediate software and hardware pain points.

RAID Inc. will showcase SwiftStack object storage solutions at SC16 booth #809.

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