Allinea Updates Code Optimization Tools Across Platforms

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Today Allinea Software launched the first update to its well-established toolset for debugging, profiling and optimizing high performance code since being acquired by ARM in December 2016.

The V7.0 release provides new integrations for the Allinea Forge debugger and profiler and Allinea Performance Reports and will mean more efficient code development and optimization for users, especially those wishing to take software performance to new levels across Xeon Phi, CUDA and IBM Power platforms,” said Mark O’Connor, ARM Director, Product Management HPC tools.

Central to the release are further enhancements to the usability of the toolset and a new advanced metrics pack which enables broader code performance investigation in areas including PAPI, Lustre, GPU and Energy metrics. Addressing growing market demand for enhanced monitoring, to the most current standards, V7.0 also boasts support for continuous integration and regression testing. JSON exports for example are now available from the MAP profiler and Performance Reports, whilst the DDT debugger now enables HTML reports and a Jenkins plugin.

“This release enables high performance software users and developers to dive deeper into understanding what really hinders and facilitates high performance code efficiency and very simply customize their analysis and ongoing monitoring methods to suit their needs,” said O’Connor. “The release is also our first opportunity to really underline one of the key benefits of Allinea being part of ARM, which is to boost our research and development capability to provide ever more relevant and cutting-edge tools, across the broadest range of applications and technologies.”

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