Penguin Computing FrostByte adds BeeGFS Storage

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Penguin Frostbyte

Today Penguin Computing announced FrostByte with ThinkParQ BeeGFS, the latest member of the family of software-defined storage solutions. FrostByte is Penguin Computing’s scalable storage solution for HPC clusters, high-performance enterprise applications and data intensive analytics.

We are pleased to announce our Gold Partner relationship with ThinkParQ,” said Tom Coull, President and CEO, Penguin Computing. “Together, Penguin Computing and ThinkParQ can deliver a fully supported, scalable storage solution based on BeeGFS, engineered for optimal performance and reliability with best-in-class hardware and expert services.”

BeeGFS is a parallel file system that was designed specifically to deal with I/O intensive workloads in performance-critical environments and with a strong focus on easy installation and high flexibility, including converged environments where storage servers are also used for computing. BeeGFS transparently spreads user data across multiple servers increasing the number of servers and disks in the overall storage system. Users can seamlessly scale performance and capacity from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes. BeeGFS is powering the storage of hundreds of scientific and industry customer sites worldwide.

Sven Breuner, CEO of ThinkParQ, stated, “Before officially teaming up with Penguin Computing, we learned from our customers about how much they value Penguin Computing as an HPC solution provider. Now that we are working very closely together, we are even more impressed by the level of professionalism and customer dedication, which absolutely convinced us that Penguin Computing is the ideal partner for highest quality customer solutions.”

BeeGFS offers a number of compelling features making it ideal for demanding, high-performance, high-throughput workloads found in HPC, life sciences, deep learning, big data analytics, media & entertainment, financial services, and much more. BeeGFS is natively supported in the Linux kernel and runs on x86_64, OpenPOWER, ARM64, and other architectures. It supports multiple networks with dynamic failover and provides fault-tolerance with built-in replication and filesystem sanity checks. BeeGFS includes both command-line and graphical tools, simplifying administration and monitoring. A unique feature is BeeGFS On Demand (BeeOND), which allows users to create temporary parallel filesystems on a per-job basis, even within cluster batch job scripts.

Penguin Computing FrostByte storage solutions lift the limitations of traditional storage appliances by delivering engineered designs to meet customer data protection and performance requirements in a highly scalable, supported platform. Penguin Computing offers FrostByte in both on-premise and hosted deployments with tunable support options, including Sysadmin-as-a-Service.

Penguin Computing’s FrostByte with ThinkParQ BeeGFS Storage will be featured at ISC 2017, Europe’s largest, annual, high-performance computing event, June 18-21. Visit booth #J-610 for details and enter the raffle for a chance to win a ThinkParQ BeeCopter.

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