DDN Announces Trade-Up Program for Seagate Customers

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With recent news that Seagate is selling off its ClusterStor business, DataDirect Networks has announced a trade-up program designed to offer Seagate customers a smooth transition to industry-leading DDN solutions.

“It is a sad day when an industry built on long-term commitments is left in disarray, but DDN is stepping up to manage a smooth transition into the safe, stable, high-performance and industry-winning storage solutions to which every HPC customer is entitled,” said Alex Bouzari, DDN co-founder and CEO. “We created DDN to provide a higher standard of excellence for storage in the HPC industry, and will continue to do so. Ours is the opposite of a short-term whim, or accounting experiments that some large conglomerates engage in, ignoring the devastation that will hit their customers after they walk away abruptly from their failed experiment.”

DDN’s storage solutions have been designed and perfected for two decades to address the specific needs of HPC and high-performance workloads and applications.

DDN’s pledge is to deliver the very best and most versatile storage solutions in the world to our HPC customers. We are offering, starting immediately, a full range of very advantageous storage upgrade and file system support programs to our stranded friends following this announcement,” said Paul Bloch, DDN co-founder and president. “DDN will craft the ideal mix of Spectrum Scale (GPFS), Lustre, disk, SSD, burst buffer, block, file and object storage systems to meet and exceed all HPC customer requirements, present and future.”

DDN listed its advantages for HPC customers:

  • The undisrupted, very best “performance uptime” of the market
  • An unequaled range of disk and SSD-based solutions for best-in-class and open solutions truly tailored to HPC customer needs
  • SFA storage appliances, IME SSD software and WOS object storage to protect HPC customer investments today and tomorrow against unpredictable constraints
  • DDN appliances that are here to stay and that provide ideal and sustainable return on investment without redesign hassle
  • A continued commitment to deploy and support turnkey HPC data ecosystems, including Lustre and Spectrum Scale systems

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