CloudLightning Project Report: The Future of HPC in the Cloud

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Today the CloudLightning project released a new report entitled: The Future of HPC in the Cloud.

The objectives of this document are:

  • Determine the key determinants of cloud computing adoption decisions for HPC;
  • Determine the present and future critical issues and problems facing HPC and the adoption of HPC in the Cloud from a stakeholder perspective.

Based upon the critical issues and problems identified through this research, industry, researchers and policymakers can more accurately design a roadmap and strategy to increase the adoption of HPC in the Cloud.

Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation, CloudLightning brings together eight project partners from five countries across Europe. The project proposes to create a new way of provisioning heterogeneous cloud resources to deliver services, specified by the user, using a bespoke service description language.

Our goal is to address energy inefficiencies particularly in the use of resources and consequently to deliver savings to the cloud provider and the cloud consumer in terms of reduced power consumption and improved service delivery, with hyperscale systems particularly in mind.

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