What a 200G HDR InfiniBand Solution Means for Today’s Advanced Data Centers

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The world of today’s HPC computing is driven by the ever-increasing generation and consumption of digital information. And the ability to analyze this rapidly growing pool of data, and extrapolate meaningful insights, gives modern businesses a competitive edge. A new white paper from Mellanox Technologies explores how the company is trying to keep its clients at the top of their respective markets through new solutions. The report covers Mellanox’ new end-to-end 200G HDR InfiniBand solution.

200G HDR InfiniBand

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It utilizes Co-Design technology, which has caused a recent shift in the industry, as the traditional CPU-centric data center architecture struggles to withstand the requirements of today’s data loads.

The new wave of data center architecture utilizes networks that must be fast and efficient, which means they need to be able to offload as many functions as possible from the CPU to other places in the network. According to the report, this enables the CPU to focus on its primary role of handling the compute.

And the growing demand for more data analysis  is also driving demand for higher data throughput. 100 Gb/s is simply no longer enough bandwidth for many of today’s more advanced data centers.

“Thus the race is on to develop 200Gb/s technologies that can support the requirements of today’s most advanced networks,” the report states.

Mellanox has announced that it has enabled 200Gb/s data speeds with Mellanox Quantum switches, ConnectX-6 adapters, and LinkX cables, combining for an end-to end 200G HDR InfiniBand solution in 2018.

The solution features a Quantum 200G HDR InfiniBand Switch with 40 ports of 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand. Quantum also offers the HDR100 option with 80 ports of 100GB/s.

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ConnectX-6 delivers 200Gb/s throughput with 200 million messages per second at under 600 nanoseconds of latency end-to-end. ConnectX-6 and Quantum work together to support the aforementioned new data center architecture –  in which the network becomes a distributed processor. With its 200Gb/s solution, Mellanox continues to push the industry toward Exascale computing.

Download the full report, “Introducing 200G HDR InfiniBand Solutions,” to find out more about how Mellanox Technologies end-to-end 200G HDR InfiniBand solution is helping enable the next generation of data centers.