One Stop Systems Introduces World’s First Gen 4 PCIe Cable Adapter

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Today One Stop Systems introduced the world’s first PCIe Gen 4 cable adapter, the HIB68-x16.

OSS has consistently been the first-to-market with each generation of PCIe cable adapters and Gen 4 is no exception,” said Steve Cooper, CEO of OSS. “OSS cable adapters form the core of our high-performance computing products, and this new Gen 4 adapter offers double the IO performance for our customers in the HPC, military, media and entertainment markets. They can now take advantage of the additional bandwidth available in Gen 4-equipped servers and be ready when Gen 4 IO cards hit the market.”

This latest generation cable adapter fits in a PCIe 4.0 x16 half-length, half-height server slot, and features four SFF-8644 cable connectors on the IO bracket for expansion and composable infrastructure applications. OSS plans to begin shipping the HIB68-x16 in Q4 of 2018.

The flexible Gen 4 cable adapter complies with the PCI-SIG PCIe cable standard, and it uses mini-SAS HD and cable management interface (CMI) compliant copper and fiber optic cables. This flexibility allows for the highest speed PCIe system-to-system and rack-to-rack interconnects in data centers, airborne installations and OEM applications, delivering bandwidth up to 256 Gb/s and latency of less than 150 ns.

Gen 4 includes improvements in flexibility, scalability and lower-power due to bandwidth bifurcation options of the cable and modern 16 nm integrated circuit design. OSS expansion customers no longer have to wait for Gen 4 add-in boards since Gen 3 devices can aggregate their bandwidth into a Gen 4 slot in a server. Servers available from major OEMs like IBM currently provide Gen 4 slots for the HIB68-x16. Additional Gen 4 servers and PCIe switches are expected to be announced in 2018 and 2019.

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