Inspur to Offer BeeGFS Storage Systems for HPC and AI Clusters

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Today Inspur announced that it will offer integrated storage solutions with the BeeGFS filesystem. BeeGFS, a leading parallel cluster file system with a distributed metadata architecture, has gained global acclaim for its usability, scalability and powerful metadata processing functions.

BeeGFS has unique advantages in terms of usability, flexibility and performance,” said Liu Jun, General Manager of AI&HPC, Inspur. “It can easily adapt to the different business needs of HPC and AI users. The cooperation between Inspur and ThinkParQ will provide our HPC and AI cluster solutions users with an integrated BeeGFS system and a range of high-quality services, helping them to improve efficiency with BeeGFS.”

BeeGFS distributes and manages distributed metadata and expands capacity conveniently and efficiently, allowing HPC and AI cluster solutions to easily cope with IO peak pressures and achieve high-performance access to hot data. By making full use of SSD at compute nodes, system performance can be greatly improved without additional hardware costs. For example, in the process of third-generation sequencing and assembly, BeeGFS helps to shorten the calculation time of the LAmerge program from 31 minutes to 4 minutes, improving the efficiency of scientific research and application. The BeeGFS mirroring function allows on-demand backup of various types of data, ensuring the safety of existing achievements. Inspur has already successfully delivered several HPC and AI clusters with BeeGFS to leading research institutions and commercial companies.

We are very excited to be partnering with Inspur,” said Frank Herold, CEO of ThinkParQ. “Its innovative capability, extensive market coverage and its well-established reputation in HPC and AI makes Inspur perfectly suited to provide BeeGFS to their customers.”

Inspur is a professional HPC and AI computing power vendor providing flexible and diverse computing platforms, powerful software tools and frameworks, and industrial insights and optimization of multi-industry applications. With innovative designs, Inspur provides leading computing equipment to its global clients and has become the preferred partner of many research institutions and commercial companies. Inspur takes the second most share of global top 500 supercomputers as shown in the latest TOP500 List. According to 2018H1 IDC PRC AI Infrastructure Tracker, Inspur’s AI servers rank first in the Chinese market, with more than 50% market share.

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