Microway Deploys NVIDIA DGX-2 Supercomputer at Clemson University

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Today Microway announced the company has shipped a NVIDIA DGX-2 supercomputer to Clemson University.

The NVIDIA DGX-2 delivers industry-leading 2 petaFLOPS of AI deep learning performance. The system harnesses the power of 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, fully interconnected with the enhanced-bandwidth NVIDIA NVLink interface to boost the speed of deep learning training.

As the Americas 2018 NVIDIA Partner Network HPC Partner of the Year, Microway was uniquely qualified to expertly integrate and install this AI supercomputer for optimized performance.

The system deploys with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning software—and was ready to train models immediately after installation. DGX-2’s NGC software stack was installed by Microway experts and supports all major AI frameworks as well as offers containers for a variety of HPC applications.

The easy-to-use DIGITS deep learning training system and interface available on DGX-2 helps users manage training data, design compare and select networks, and monitor performance—making the system an excellent, accessible educational tool.

Clemson University’s DGX-2 will empower researchers in disciplines such as computational math, statistics, operations research, and mechanical and industrial engineering to analyze vast datasets with exceptional ease. Initial projects include research on medical imaging, drone control, autonomous driving, and ocean dynamics.

Clemson University’s acquisition of the cutting-edge technology is funded by a grant from the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program in the Department of Defense’s Office of Naval Research.

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