Open Edge and HPC Initiative to Provide Arm-based Systems to Researchers

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Today E4 Computer Engineering and the Open Edge and HPC Initiative (OEHI) announced that Arm-based HPC resources will be provided to researchers and scientists from academia and industry through the codes@OEHI program.

The mission of the Open Edge and HPC Initiative is foster the development of an open and feature-rich ecosystem for Arm-based technologies to support the evolving needs of the various industries undergoing digitalization and of all their respective stakeholders. This ecosystem will complement and enrich the existing ecosystem, not substitute it and is open to all relevant players, including ISVs, solution providers as well as key customers of such solutions.

The Open Edge and HPC Initiative is established as an industry-led, non-profit organization focusing on enabling technologies and pursues the following goals:

  • Facilitate shorter time to market by joining efforts on reference architectures and supporting the realization and demonstration of end-to-end solutions
  • Create an environment where members can integrate solutions coming from different suppliers and thus nurture the innovation potential of all its members
  • Create an open environment for sharing information, experience and lessons learned between members
  • Raise awareness for capabilities of Arm-based solutions and create new market opportunities

The Open Edge and HPC Initiative has the ambition of playing a major role in enabling the scientific and societal revolutions that is underway. The first and second industrial revolution not only transformed technology but also led to fundamental societal changes. The ubiquitous data processing may be equally significant.

Through the codes@OEHI, E4 and the Open Edge and HPC Initiative make available Arm-based HPC resources to scientists from all domains, industrial users, engineers, code developers, educators, students and ISVs.

The objectives of the program are to enable, develop, test and run applications, pinpoint technical enhancements for future Arm®-based HPC solutions, identify missing functionalities of the current Arm®-based HPC ecosystem and educate the new generations on Arm®-based solutions.

The benefits of the codes@OEHI program is to enrich the Arm-based ecosystem in terms of the following:

  • Developing and porting of open source applications to the Arm-based ecosystem
  • Training of students, developers, users, engineers
  • Enablement or evaluation of ISV’s applications
  • Providing feedback on the results achieved
  • Providing a gap analysis of what’s missing/not enough in the current ecosystem
  • Sharing success stories for dissemination
  • Support industrial users to overcome barriers for the adoption of Arm®-based HPC solutions in their business model

The results of the codes@OEHI program will be shared with the community via a section of the Open Edge and HPC Initiative web page and will be available to all the interested parties.

To submit a request for access to Arm computing resources, complete the application form.

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