Top 10 Things to Look Forward to at ISC 2019

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Kim McMahon from Cloud Native Computing Foundation is co-chair of the ISC 2019 Inclusivity Committee.

In this special guest feature, Kim McMahon from Cloud Native Computing Foundation lists her favorite things coming up this week at ISC 2019 in Frankfurt.

  1. Orientation Presentation. We will once again be doing a “First Time Attendee Session”. Monday at 1pm, Laura Schulz and I will be running through the highlights of the conference, what to not miss, and some things to do in Frankfurt. You don’t need to be a first time attendee to join! Come by and say hi on Monday!
  2. Containers, Kubernetes, and HPC (oh my!). I’ve been watching with intense interest as containers, cloud native, and Kubernetes comes to HPC. This is an intersection of the technologies I love! I will be talking to as many of you as I can about what you are doing in this area. I am particularly interested in hearing from the labs, research, and academia. If you want to schedule time with me, DM me on Twitter or set up a meeting on my calendar!  If you are still here Thursday, attend the 5th Annual High Performance Container Workshop.
  3. The ISC-HPCAC Student Cluster Competition. If you know me, you know this is one of my favorite events. The Student Cluster Competition, a collaboration with the HPC Advisory Council (HPCAC) and the ISC High Performance Conference is in its 8th year! This is one of the highlights of the show, featuring 14 teams showcasing their expertise, building clusters, and solving problems. I’ll be following #ISC19_SCC on Twitter, when I can’t be visiting the competition area.
  4. STEM Student Day. And another one of my favorites is the STEM Student Day. In this program, local students are invited to get introduction to world high performance computing. I’ve been a part of this program since it launched in 2017. My good friend Arno Kolster from Providentia Worldwide will be speaking in the evening program “Big Hair, Big Data & Beyond – A Career in Enterprise Computing”. I’m looking forward to hearing what Arno has to say!
  5. Keynotes. A Keynote each day! The conference kicks off Monday with Ivo Sbalzarini who will talk algorithms used in life-scientific computing. John Shalf will keynote on Tuesday about HPC beyond Moore’s Law. Professor Thomas Sterling will close out the conference on Wednesday with his always animated presentation, this year on HPC achievement and impact.
  6. Focused Tracks: Machine Learning Day, Industrial Day, and HPC in Asia. Once again, the conference has focused tracks. These bring together user, academic, and industry leaders to discuss current developments and future trends. Great tracks to really dive deep into these topics.
  7. Exhibition. I love the Exhibition and visiting the booths. Vendors, research, academia. They are not just there talking about their products, they are talking about the science. The whole world is represented there! I’ll be wandering around to see the latest advancements and trends.
  8. TOP500 Announcement. The 53rd list of the world’s fastest computers, announced Monday after the opening keynote. Since you and I will be at the keynote, we’ll stay for the announcement. 🙂
  9. ISC Steering Committee and Inclusivity Chair for ISC19. For the third year, I am the chair of the Inclusivity Committee for the conference. It has been wonderful working with Laura Schulz as my co-chair and Nages from ISC. This year we are expanding the message and focus. Inclusivity is more than numbers. It’s about everyone feeling welcome, without regard to gender, nationality, or sexual orientation. It’s about building a community of people who care about each other, help each other succeed, and are there to support each other. It’s a mindset. It’s building a HPC village. I’m very excited about this focus! As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments!
  10. Networking. THIS is the real reason I go to ISC! There are the parties, but you will likely find me hanging at the Marriott with Rich, Cydney, Arno, and whoever has chosen to join us for the conversation and laughs.

For those in Frankfurt for ISC, please come find me and let’s talk about containers, HPC, and inclusivity. You can also DM me on Twitter. For those who can’t make it to Germany, temper your FOMO and keep up with the news via Twitter with hashtag #ISC19.

About the Author:

Kim McMahon is with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. She loves HPC, cloud native, open source and all this cool science technology enables. She writes frequently on marketing, life, the world, and how they sometimes all come together.

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