Appentra announces Early Access Program for Parallelware Analyzer

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Today Appentra announced the company is offering developers the opportunity to join the Early Access Program for Parallelware Analyzer.

Appentra strives to minimize and eventually remove the parallel software development barrier, making parallel computing easier for everyone. Today we announce Parallelware Analyzer, a suite of command-line tools aimed at helping software developers to build better quality parallel software in less time.

While Appentra’s Parallelware Trainer provides an interactive learning environment where users can learn how to parallelize, Parallelware Analyzer provides the appropriate tools for the key stages of the parallel development workflow, aiding developers with code analysis that would otherwise be error-prone, time-consuming and completed manually.

Parallelware Analyzer assists throughout the parallelization workflow by:

  • Detecting defects related to parallelism and suggesting appropriate fixes
  • Identifying opportunities for parallelization,
  • Performing data scoping analysis
  • Generating parallel-equivalent code using several technologies and heterogeneous computing platforms

Appentra is a Deep Tech global company that delivers products based on the Parallelware technology, a unique approach to static code analysis specialized in concurrency and parallelism. Our aim is to make parallel programming easier, enabling everyone to make the best use of parallel computing hardware from the multi-cores in a laptop to the fastest supercomputers.

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