Atos opens AI Lab in Germany

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From left to right: Annette Maier, Managing Director Google Cloud DACH, Thierry Breton, Atos CEO and Ursula Morgenstern, CEO Germany

Today Atos opened its German Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory in Munich. In this innovative environment, Atos is developing for its clients business solutions using AI and other cutting-edge technologies.

Artificial Intelligence solutions have the power to be true game changers: For individual companies as well as entire economies, the holistic implementation of digital techniques leveraging AI is key to their success in the future,“ says Thierry Breton, CEO and Chairman of Atos. “Our AI Lab is the right platform for the collaborative development of tangible digital use cases that deliver long-term value as quickly as possible.“

The German AI lab is also part of Atos’ global AI network as an element of its partnership with Google Cloud, which was initiated in 2018. The lab is aimed at companies and organizations that want to promote and develop the use of AI across their businesses. Atos and Google Cloud offer the necessary technological and industry-specific technical expertise as well as concrete use cases.

The successful use of artificial intelligence technologies requires both technological and vertical knowledge “, says Annette Maier, Managing Director Google Cloud DACH. “That’s why Atos and Google Cloud form a very strong partnership that brings these two benefits together.”

At the opening event in Munich, Atos provided numerous customers and partners insights into the digital future of the economy by various use cases. The mixed reality solution, for example, demonstrated that by combining real-time 3D images with PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) data, insights were more precise enabling product development cycles to be shortened. Another showcase demonstrated the potential of connected supply chains worldwide. Thanks to digital logistics, goods delivery times are precisely calculated using advanced analytics factoring in external circumstances. This enables a seamless and efficient supply chain.

The AI Lab in Munich is part of the local Business Technology Innovation Center (BTIC). The recently upgraded BTIC is part of the global network of Atos innovation centers. In this setting Atos’ customers and partners can develop ideas and creative digital solutions together with Atos experts, combining a wide range of areas such as cloud, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. The BTIC integrates Atos’ global technological and industry experience, a comprehensive range of use cases, and a global network of subject matter experts and partners. It will be the flagship for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions for Atos in Europe. This is supported by Atos’ strong footprint in the German manufacturing industry and its long-term relationship with Siemens, which as both a customer and partner, ensures that Atos has a deep understanding of the digital transformation needs for the manufacturing industry.

Both the AI Lab and the BTIC are now available for customer workshops.

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