GigaIO and 2CRSi to Develop Integrated Rack Using FabreX PCIe Fabric

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Today GigaIO announced a partnership with 2CRSi to develop advanced server solutions for today’s data intensive environments. 2CRSi, a leading producer of high-performance computing solutions, will integrate GigaIO’s FabreX technology to enable open standards composability for data center racks and clusters.

PCI Express fabrics are a game changer in the low latency communication,” says François Jeanmougin, chief HPC officer at 2CRSi. “2CRSi is proud to collaborate with GigaIO to provide flexible, high performance interconnect.”

FabreX is an industry-leading hyper-performance network that delivers improved resource utilization and a unified, software-driven composable infrastructure. The fabric simplifies composing of computing clusters on-the-fly, driving the performance and dynamic composability of data centers and high-performance computing environments for a completely customized configuration. Using standard PCI express (PCIe) technology, FabreX enables direct communication between servers, natively running Message Passing Interface (MPI) applications, containers and hypervisors. Additionally, application servers can utilize accelerators and storage located in other servers without going through the central processing unit and operating system kernel, reducing the demands on the servers’ CPUs, decreasing the latency in the computing cluster and thus reducing overall system costs.

The flexibility FabreX offers is second to none. Users can scale up or out the performance of their systems on a unified, highly-composable infrastructure that supports all software environments and frameworks,” says Alan Benjamin, CEO of GigaIO. “We are honored to partner with 2CRSi as they deliver the most advanced solutions for high performance computing and artificial intelligence to their customers.”

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