OpenSFS Announces Lustre 2.13.0 Release

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On December 5, OpenSFS announced Lustre 2.13.0 Release has been declared GA and is available for download. You can also grab the source from git.

The Lustre file system is a open source, parallel file system that supports the requirements of leadership class HPC and Enterprise environments worldwide. Lustre provides a POSIX compliant interface and scales to thousands of clients, petabytes of storage, and has demonstrated over a terabyte per second of sustained I/O bandwidth. Many of the largest and most powerful supercomputers on Earth today are powered by the Lustre file system, including over 60% of the TOP100 sites.

This major release includes new features:

  • Persistent Client Cache allows Lustre to utilize client-local storage such as NVMe or NVRAM as part of the filesystem namespace. Clients can cache the data of newly created or existing files in a locally-mounted cache filesystem (e.g. ext4) for exclusive access at local filesystem speeds, and data migrates transparently into the global filesystem when accessed by other clients (LU-10092)
  • Multi-Rail Routing enhances multi-rail support for LNet routers, allowing auto discovery of routes and improved resiliency in configurations with multiple interfaces per node (LU-11297)
  • Overstriping allows files to have multiple stripes of a single file on each OST. This allows configurations with relatively few clients/threads or very large OSTs to better utilize the full storage performance (LU-9846)
  • Self-Extending Layouts improves the flexibility of Progressive File Layouts (PFL) to better handle filesystems with imbalanced OST capacity, such as smaller flash OST pools combined with larger disk OST pools. Files using Self-Extending Layouts can write to the flash pool as much as possible, but will automatically change over to the disk pool if there is not enough space (LU-10070)

Fuller details can be found in the 2.13 wiki page (including the change log and test matrix).

In related news from SC19, Stephen Simms from OpenSFS and Frank Baetke from EOFS announced the release of the Lustre trademark back to the Lustre community.

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