CHPC Student Cluster Winners Get Ready to take ISC by Storm

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC recaps the recent CHPC National Conference in South Africa.

Now a 5-day conference with two days of workshops as book-ends, multiple tracks and many speakers, and yes, a very exciting , the CHPC National Conference has developed into a very important event in the HP/AI world. Dan Olds takes us through what he saw, who won, and what we can expect at the competition at ISC in 2020, and just how impressive the whole thing was.

Happy Sithole addresses the National CHPC Conference.

More highlights:

Cybersecurity: Henry focused not just on yet another cybersecurity incident (the ransomware attack on New Orleans), but on the fact that they city, to its immense credit, actually had a plan! Once the problem was detected, plan kicked into action, systems were shut done, damages narrowed if not avoided, and generally good progress on preparedness was on display. Nice job!

Tape storage: Anyone remember tape drives? Some of you do. Some of you work with them now. Well, Jessi asks about . Is it still necessary? This is very much in Henry’s wheelhouse so he covers it. Shahin seems unconvinced, really, but Henry is way closer to actual use cases, so he reluctantly waves it through!

RISC-V: Shahin covers the RISC-V Summit that was just held in San Jose. With 2,000 attendees, 435 member companies, lots of great talks, and expecting to grow by another 50% next year, and for something that started only in 2010, it’s quite a flywheel that’s forming. Also, remember that we had the pleasure of having the RISC-V Foundation CEO, Calista Redmond as a special guest of the podcast, so make sure you listen to that episode. Shahin also notes that the media coverage of the chip space is starting to show that competition is brewing. Comments from vendors about other projects are sounding sharper and sharper! He also says RISC “started” at Berkeley and Stanford. “What he meant to say” was modern RISC got its big boost there. He says he’s fully aware of the history of RISC going all the way back to Turing, Cray, Flynn, IBM 801 (and we cut him off, convinced already!)

Chromebooks: Apple’s top brass made a comment about Chromebook vs Apple gear that’s also in the category of “what he meant to say was…”. Henry skillfully segues into how more and more services are cloud based, and Jessi highlights the importance of the bring-you-own-device (BYOD) trend in schools.

Airline IT: Goes over the US Government Accountability Office report on on airline IT outages. Just what you need for the holiday travel season. “One IT malfunction per month” is one stat you can remember.

IP Heist: The great $50m African IP address heist. IPv4 addresses are in demand and an enterprising person in Africa has parlayed that into a $50m windfall for his crafty self.  Upshot is? You should all consider gifting IPv4 addresses for the holidays!

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