SQream teams with StorONE for High Performance Data Analytics

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Today StorONE announced a joint solution with SQream that provides users with high-performance massive data analytics.

SQream is a data analytics engine, which rapidly integrates into existing Hadoop and legacy data warehouse ecosystems. SQream can process massive amounts of data with more dimensions, significantly faster and at lower cost than traditional solutions. The performance of the storage infrastructure is critical to the overall performance of SQream’s solution. SQream found that StorONE’s S1 Enterprise Storage Platform delivers the performance their software demands, at a price their customer can afford.

With the StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform, S1, SQream DB can saturate a multi-node, parallel file over 100GbE, ensuring the NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs the software uses are fully utilized. In addition to extreme performance, SQream DB customers benefit from StorONE’s advanced alerting and the platform’s UI, which is simple-to-use and navigate. StorONE’s alerting enables customers to receive advanced notification of any performance problems. The interface makes it easy to administer and manage the solution.

SQream was impressed with how the StorONE team worked with them to optimize the S1 platform for use within its architecture. “They were with us every step of the way, and as a result, we can point our customers to a high-performance, cost-effective solution that works extremely well with our software,” said Ami Gal, CEO of SQream.

SQream is a software provider, but it also helps its customers find storage hardware that enables them to reach the software’s full potential. One of the advantages of the StorONE reference platform is that it is not a point solution designed only for the extreme performance use case. StorONE’s TRU SDS enables SQream customers to improve their performance and simplify the management of their entire storage infrastructure – not only of the extreme performance workloads. With StorONE’s TRU SDS platform, customers can integrate existing and future hardware purchases into the platform to deliver a common software feature and a single-point-of-storage management.

SQream continually tests high-performance solutions and has found StorONE to be an excellent fit with their software. Gal Naor, CEO, and Co-founder of StorONE said, “SQream’s certification of the StorONE’s TRU SDS is an excellent endorsement. Efficiency is the key for enterprises to achieve maximum performance and maximum value, and that’s what our platform provides.”

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