Podcast: AI for Science

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the AI for Science program coming out of Argonne National Laboratory.

This is one of the biggest potential changes in our industry and well worth the investigation. But figuring out where AI fits into the traditional world of research and simulation is a difficult problem. Henry points out that nearly every grant proposal needs to include “AI” in order to get serious consideration. As Dan recalls from his EPIC HPC Road Trip of national labs in 2018, nearly every lab is looking at using AI to inform their simulations and cut down on the brute force computing they’re doing now. Dan’s national lab interviews are here: Idaho National LabNCARNRELLos AlamosSandiaNERSCLawrence Livermore.

Other highlights:

Dan talks about driving hundreds of miles out of his way to mess with Henry’s Las Cruces lot and future home. This resulted in an epic short film “The Haunting of Henry House” which is stuck in bureaucratic  approval cycles according to Henry.
A new Radio Free HPC Hall of Fame is discussed, but they discard the idea when they realize no one would want to be in it.

COVID-19. As the conversation continues, Dan brings up an article that discusses how COVID-19 might affect processor foundry revenues and demand. We are, as a group, underwhelmed by the analysis. Henry notes that he has seen a significant increase in the price of laptops when shopping for a graduation gift for his nephew. Henry has reportedly seen an increase of around 20% in prices since February.
Cybersecurity. Hackers have stolen and ransomed AMD’s GPU test files, a dastardly act, but not surprising to see. They’re looking for $100 million to give the files back, while AMD has downplayed their importance and value.
Shahin discusses how is the internet coping with all of the extra traffic caused by Covid19 isolation?

Dan does a promo of the inaugural episode of a new RadioFreeHPC segment. Suffice to say that RadioFreeHPC Studios has a brand new production of “Charles Babbage, His Life & Times,” a gripping radio drama that will engage your emotions from A-B.

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