RadioFreeHPC: ISC, Student Cluster Competition Recap

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By RadioFreeHPC Podcast

In this episode, the RadioFreeHPC team looks back at the success that ISC20 was and discusses what attending an online-only conference was like. Big kudos and thanks to the ISC team who pulled off one grand challenge of re-planning and did it so well!

Shahin offers his reflections on scheduling an online conference on your calendar, how these conferences might price tickets, Q+As and side discussions, vendor visibility, news volume, impact on attendance, etc.  Some “best practices” is starting to emerge and will be honed over the coming months. We, and many others, expect SC20 is going to be online too.

Student Cluster Competition

Everybody’s favorite competition is back and was conducted online. All teams used the same relatively modest cluster which made for a pretty exciting competition. Dan of course has been tracking the competition since its inception and was a judge again and deeply involved this time too. He takes us through what all happened. Do check out the article in InsideHPC and the website dedicated to Student Cluster Competition that Dan maintains that has all the latest and historical data.

USTC China, CHPC South Africa, Tsinghua University China walked away with the top prizes. All scoring very close to each other.

Reasons Why No One Should Ever Be Online. Ever.

Count them, 19 zero-day vulnerabilities, dubbed Ripple20, impacting millions of IoT devices. With such large numbers, you know some devices will never get patched.

Catch of the Week

Henry: So now people can eavesdrop on you through any old lightbulb in the vicinity. We think Henry is going beyond the online thing now.

Shahin: Chips for America is coming as the government aims to boost semiconductor manufacturing. Important development for our industry.

Dan: Kind of continuing with Henry’s positive outlook, Dan checks out the bunker market and tells us what it takes to buy and install one in your own backyard.