At Virtual SC20: Advantech’s Embedded IoT Technology Strategy for Intelligence Everywhere

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At Virtual SC20, we sat down with James Yung, HPC/AI product management manager at Advantech, whose mission is to enable, as the company’s corporate statement says, “an intelligent planet” with embedded and automation platforms for IoT system integration utilizing Intel processors and industrial-grade components in industry form factors.

Yung told us Advantech has more than 1500 standard, off-the-shelf products to select from when developing solutions, enabling Advantech to partner with companies across multiple, domain-focused business sectors. The result: Advantech technologies are embedded within the processes of daily business and personal life. On Advantech advantages, Yung said:

First, Advantech offers a five- to seven-year long life support for all our products to ensure our customers can deploy their products for a long period of time. Second is that we have a really strict revision control process, with no surprise changes. This is actually a key differentiator for many of our markets, such as healthcare, where a small component change can cause a lot of customers headache, some major compatibility issues that can cause the product not to function properly… We also offer flexibilities, leveraging our standard, off-the-shelf products to do minor tweaks and customizations, or we can build…a full customization product from the ground up to tailor the products to our customer needs.