Quantum Corp. Says ActiveScale Meets Consistency Requirements for Amazon S3 Compatibility

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San Jose — Dec. 10, 2020 — Quantum Corp. (NASDAQ: QMCO) today announced that its ActiveScale object storage platform automatically complies with the new strong consistency requirements for compatibility with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) applications. To claim AWS S3 compliance following the recent S3 update, object storage systems must ensure strong consistency.

 Strong consistency refers to the availability of data objects in distributed storage systems. As many applications require that data is written and immediately read back, strong consistency ensures that the latest version of the data is immediately presented to the application with no impact on performance. All metadata instances are updated simultaneously so that the data is presented in a consistent state, no matter which node in a distributed cluster a request is sent to. Without this capability, data requests that go to a different node from where it was originally written are likely to return inaccurate data or result in the system being unable to locate the data at all.

“We made a conscious decision to design ActiveScale with data integrity and durability at its core, so strong consistency has always been one of the platform’s key capabilities,” said Bruno Hald, General Manager, Secondary Storage at Quantum. “Following AWS’ announcement of strong consistency on its S3 service, storage systems that don’t meet this standard can no longer be considered compliant. With ActiveScale, customers can be confident that strong consistency is assured, providing complete accessibility to their data at scale.”

 The ActiveScale architecture ensures strong consistency whether in a single site, 3-geo dispersed or local ingest, scalable to petabytes and billions of objects. It’s also designed for the highest levels of data durability with ActiveScale’s Dynamic Data Placement and Dynamic Data Repair, providing resiliency with protection against drive, chassis, and site failures, and security with Object Lock for immutability and ransomware protection.

 The ActiveScale platform was recently expanded with a focus on data security, increased capacity, efficiency and performance, empowering customers to handle massive unstructured data growth and extract value from data in order to stay competitive. Quantum continues to innovate and deliver data and storage management solutions addressing the most pressing challenges facing unstructured data.

source: Quantum Corp.