Bright Computing Announces Record Revenues and Bookings in 2020

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San Jose – February 4, 2021 – Bright Computing, focused on automation and management software for edge-to-core-to-cloud high-performance computing, today announced record revenues and milestones achieved in 2020 despite the on-going challenges presented by the global pandemic.

Bright Computing is active in next-generation computing infrastructure with commercial enterprise-grade software for building and managing distributed clusters for AI and edge-to-core-to-cloud high-performance computing (HPC.

Bright’s 2020 milestones include:

● Enterprise AI adoption is now Bright’s single biggest growth driver, as demand for infrastructure to support ML-Ops continues to grow
● Fully transitioned to subscription licensing and revenue streams
● Enabled edge-to-core-to-cloud automation for more than 50 leading organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, finance and education
● Grew license install base by 24% through a mix of new customers and expansion of existing customers, whilst customer churn remained at near zero
● The company was cash-flow positive in 2020, reflecting the maturity of the business
● Released Bright Cluster Manager version 9.1 in November, allowing customers to manage 100,000+ servers per cluster, along with more advanced and easier to use integrations with JupyterLab, VMware vSphere, RedHat OpenShift, Ansible and more
● Became one of only eight technology providers in NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Software program to underpin cloud-based infrastructure for AI computing

“Our significant growth and expansion in the midst of a global pandemic underscores the value of our software, and that the product investments we’ve made to help organizations embrace AI, cloud and edge computing are spot on,” said Bill Wagner, Bright Computing’s Chief Executive Officer. “By helping our customers transition from segregated computing infrastructure in their datacenters and public cloud to an integrated edge-to-core-to-cloud infrastructure, we’re helping them prepare for an entirely new and different digital future.”

About Bright Computing
Bright Computing software helps organizations manage complex, distributed computing environments that combine on-premises systems with public cloud and edge computing tounlock the potential of real-time machine learning for their business. Designed with platform independence in mind, Bright Computing’s automation software supports modern GPU-accelerated systems and reduced-power Arm-based architectures in conjunction with traditional x86-based systems, maximizing flexibility and eliminating complexity. Trusted by industry leaders of the Fortune 500 and leading data center equipment manufacturers to automate building and managing distributed high-performance clusters, Bright Computing enables enterprises to quickly and efficiently establish AI-ready and IoT-ready infrastructure to support their digital transformation.