Hyve Managed Hosting Launches HPC cloud solution 

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Brighton, UK, 4th February 2021 –  Hyve Managed Hosting, a UK cloud hosting provider, has launched a new high performance computing (HPC) cloud solution designed to offer prime performance at an affordable price.

Hyve’s cloud-based HPC solution will allow users to access on-demand technology, to run their most demanding workloads with increased flexibility and scalability. The solution allows customers to combine the power of an agile cloud environment with access to specialised hardware, including Nvidia Tesla GPUs, to tailor their compute resources to suit the exact requirements of a particular project.

Hyve’s new HPC solution removes the complexity and cost concerns associated with traditional HPC deployments by delivering a fixed monthly billing option, which allows users to manage their budget effectively and predict their bill at the end of the month.

“What makes Hyve different is that we can provide purpose-built infrastructure for very specific requirements, at a much lower cost point than you would get on the public cloud,” said Jon Lucas, Co-director of Hyve. “We actually had a customer who told us that our quote for one month was the same price as they would pay for eight days on the public cloud! So for businesses who have a large processing requirement over a set amount of time, we have an incredibly cost-effective solution.”

Unlike many public cloud vendors, Hyve also offers full management with every HPC solution that they provide, aiming to make complex computing simple and taking the pressure off internal IT teams.

Hyve’s solution comes at a time where the high-performance computing market is significantly growing due to the increasing demand in various fields to process large volumes of data, with speed and accuracy.

Jake Madders, Co-director of Hyve, commented, “The exponential growth in data, analytics and AI is driving the increased demand for HPC across the globe. Towards the back end of last year, we saw a large uptick in the number of HPC requests from customers looking to move away from renting time on supercomputers or paying public cloud vendors astronomical prices for a very limited service.  We made it our mission to design an HPC offering for 2021 that will transform the market by delivering a fully managed, cost-effective solution. Our solution allows industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing and aerospace to solve very specific challenges and drive competitiveness in the market. It will enable businesses to take advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud while maintaining stringent security and compliance standards.”