UberCloud and NI SP in HPC Partnership

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Tübingen, Germany and Los Altos, California – February 03, 2021 – NI SP GmbH and The UberCloud Inc. have announced a strategic partnership combining NI SP’s 3D VDI and high performance computing (HPC) solutions with UberCloud’s HPC container technology and Engineering Simulation Cloud Platform.

The partnership’s intent is to deliver cloud services for CAE, life sciences, oil and gas, big data analytics, digital twins and machine learning.

NI SP, a specialist in remote 3D VDI and HPC environments, and UberCloud, specialist for engineering simulation software containers, address virtual product design and development in manufacturing. The partners are focusing on cloud technologies and services for the automation of CAE and other HPC workloads.

“With NI SP, we gain a strong, globally active partner that optimally complements UberCloud in the engineering simulation market on the topic of CAE application management and thus enables a joint, fully automated self-service simulation environment for product design and development engineers,” said Wolfgang Gentzsch, president and co-founder of UberCloud. “On this basis, we will offer first-class cloud-based software and services together in the future.”

UberCloud will contribute its fully automated and self-service Engineering Simulation Cloud Platform and its huge repository of engineering simulation software containers for software from Altair, Ansys, Dassault, Numeca, Siemens, and many others. NI SP, with the 3D VDI solution NICE DCV, ensures rapid remote access and data transfer between the user’s desktop and UberCloud’s engineering simulation cloud platform. The combination with HPC containers from UberCloud ensures flexibility and scalability of resources.