Hyperion Research Opens Registration for HPC Market Update During ISC 

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St. Paul, MN, June 4, 2021 – Registration is now open for Hyperion Research’s annual HPC market update session to be held in conjunction with the ISC High Performance 2021 Digital conference. The annual session is free of charge and will be streamed twice for convenience:

The agenda will include Hyperion Research’s latest historical and forecast data for the worldwide HPC market, along with key findings and analysis of the company’s recent market research.

  • New HPC Market Results and New Forecasts, Including New Ways to Measure Supercomputers, Earl Joseph
  • New Trends in Using Clouds for HPC Workloads, Alex Norton
  • Major Trends in AI, Steve Conway
  • Highlights of the Continued Growth for HPC-enabled AI, Alex Norton
  • Storage and Interconnect Market Update, Mark Nossokoff
  • Quantum Computing, Bob Sorensen
  • Application Software Study Results, Melissa Riddle
  • Exascale Update, Bob Sorensen
  • Conclusions, Earl Joseph

“Recent months have been very eventful in the global HPC market, driven by a high rate of innovation around heterogeneous computing and newer markets, along with challenges related to the Covid epidemic and initiatives by governments to advance their standing in HPC, AI and quantum computing,” said Hyperion Research CEO Dr. Earl Joseph. “We look forward to discussing these trends in our annual market update session in conjunction with ISC.”

About Hyperion Research
Hyperion Research provides data-driven research, analysis and recommendations for technologies, applications, and markets in high performance computing and emerging technology areas to help organizations worldwide make effective decisions and seize growth opportunities. Research includes market sizing and forecasting, share tracking, segmentation, technology and related trend analysis, and both user and vendor analysis for multi-user technical server technology used for HPC and HPDA (high performance data analysis). We provide thought leadership and practical guidance for users, vendors and other members of the HPC community by focusing on key market and technology trends across government, industry, commerce, and academia. For more information, see www.HyperionResearch.com and www.hpcuserforum.com.