IBM and Deloitte Launch Offering for AI in Hybrid Cloud Environments

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NEW YORK AND ARMONK, N.Y., Oct. 11, 2021 – IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Deloitte today announced a new offering—DAPPER, an AI-enabled managed analytics solution.

The solution reinforces the two organizations’ 21-year global alliance—which helps organizations accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud and AI across the enterprise—and 10 years of experience implementing the Deloitte Analytics Platform. DAPPER’s end-to-end capabilities will allow organizations to gain confidence in the insights that their data provides via a secured, simple to consume managed service offering that aims to resolve the challenges of adopting AI.

Relevant and actionable data can catapult companies to success in today’s competitive, insights-driven business environment. Clients across industries report they are struggling to accelerate the value of AI and analytics—due to lack of trust in data, domain expertise, and the resources to create a solution that can work across business environments—while simultaneously meeting strict security and compliance requirements. Gartner recommends its clients “choose AI cloud services over building custom models to address a broader range of use cases and for quicker deployment and built in scalability” (Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2021, Published 14 July 2021 – ID G00747400, by David Smith, Ed Anderson).

DAPPER is a result of the combined technology leadership, hands-on business experience, and industry experience of the Deloitte and IBM alliance. DAPPER combines the Deloitte Analytics Platform with IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift to offer business users a fully-managed AI solution–designed to avoid needing to commit the resources and lengthy time associated with developing, implementing, and managing a bespoke solution.

Built upon IBM’s modern hybrid cloud architecture and AI technology, DAPPER brings organizations the ability to scale up operations, promote an organization’s trust in its data, and enable smart reporting. DAPPER is a managed service run by Deloitte in the IBM Cloud, and available on premises or in multi-cloud environments. Its fully-managed analytics service provides a choice of service offerings and subscription model, and contains three core elements, built so that businesses can obtain maximum value out of their data:

  • A cloud-enabled analytics platform: Security and analytics platform backed by IBM with streamlined administration, operations and maintenance provided by Deloitte, engineered to give business users a seamless, automated data analytics solution.
  • Analytics development factory: Access to specialized analytics building blocks and methods engineered to streamline analytics development with operations, giving a DevOps experience to help accelerate the delivery of analytics assets.
  • Catalog of subscription service offerings: Combines simplicity with data integrations to offer a selection of analytics services including dashboards, enterprise reporting, data management tools, and orchestration and consumption of AI.

With DAPPER, Deloitte and IBM can help data scientists and business users alike build, organize, and manage insight-providing assets to help promote reporting that can be trusted within an organization and AI solutions so that enterprises can focus on business outcomes.

For example, with DAPPER, Deloitte and IBM can help enable a government organization to address fraud, such as tax fraud or those related to employment benefits, pension, or money laundering. With DAPPER, an analytics cloud can collect and help business users report upon siloed data across disparate data centers, making data available for advanced AI algorithms and reports, operating associated use cases, and supporting clients’ regulatory compliance requirements. Delivered as a managed service offering, all of this is designed to be deployed within weeks rather than months, and draws from real-time data across various business units or in this example, government agencies.

“Today’s announcement is another proof point of the companies’ longtime collaboration to help clients modernize with advanced technology,” said Evaristus Mainsah, GM, Hybrid Cloud and Edge Ecosystem, IBM. “Together, Deloitte and IBM have created a flexible hybrid cloud engine that can extract real value for clients by using AI to make the most of their data. DAPPER will drive transformation, spur innovation, and reshape business to pave a pathway to digital dominance.”

Richard Houston, Senior Partner and CEO Deloitte North & South Europe said, “DAPPER is built on 10 years of Deloitte’s business and technology innovation. It represents another market-leading example of how Deloitte and IBM have combined technology, experience and industry knowledge to help clients turn data into insights—quickly, reliably, and repeatedly.”

Deloitte, an IBM Platinum Business Partner, is part of IBM’s partner ecosystem, an initiative to support partners of all types—whether they build on, service or resell IBM technologies and platforms—to help clients manage and modernize workloads from the mainframe to the edge and everything in between using IBM solutions and Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.