XTREME-D Launches S3-Compatible Distributed Object Cloud Storage and Roadmap for AXXE-L HPC as a Service

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St. Louis, Nov. 17, 2021 – Award-winning Platform as a Service Provider XTREME-D today announced AXXE-L Cloud Storage, an S3-compatible distributed object storage service that offers high performance, erasure coding, end-to-end encryption, and a simple subscription-based consumption model with support for multiple environments. The company also announced new features for its flagship product, AXXE-L by XTREME-D, as well as unveiled its 2022 roadmap at SC21, the annual
Supercomputing Conference.

AXXE-L is an HPC Environment as a Service, a framework that supports both on-premise and cloud environments and allows users to run all HPC jobs using the same process, regardless of environment. AXXE-L was developed to integrate all possible HPC infrastructures into a single, all-in-one service supporting multiple environments, utilizing https as the protocol so that users can initiate data transfer and manage the user interface via a browser. It provides all major software stack components required
to run HPC / AI jobs.

XTREME-D’s new AXXE-L Cloud Storage is based on a unique data transfer capability that allows HPC users to initiate a fast and reliable data transfer from either the user’s system or from an on-prem infrastructure. AXXE-L HPC Data Mobility is S3-compatible and enables fast data synchronization across both hybrid and multi-cloud environments such as AWS and Oracle Cloud, so that users can utilize data across public cloud regions as well as on-premise hardware without regard for location.

XTREME-D’s 2022 roadmap includes updates to service enhancements as well as strategies for expanding its user base. New Enterprise features for the coming year include MFA, audit logs, SSO, and managed Infrastructure as a Service architecture to enhance data center security and enable users to leverage scalable Slurm Federation features across hybrid cloud infrastructures. XTREME-D will also expand its support for other public clouds, such as OCI and GCP, in 2022.

“XTREME-D aims to become the de facto standard for multi-environment HPC cloud, and as such, we are working to make basic user functions available as OSS,” said Daisuke Nagao, Senior Vice President and CTO. “We will continue to make AXXE-L’s JupyterLab-based interface more useful to HPC users, and have chosen to utilize OSS because we want to be the industry standard user interface in HPC cloud.”

XTREME-D, based in Tokyo with US headquarters in San Mateo, is laying the groundwork for a focused expansion into the Americas with the signing of its first resale partner agreement in the US. Premier Tech Sales, Inc. (PTSI), also based in Silicon Valley, has been in the technical sales business since 1990 and will utilize partnerships with HPC customers in the Manufacturing, Fintech, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries to help XTREME-D penetrate the US market. PTSI’s extensive network of customers and partners include those in AI, semiconductor, electronic product design, manufacturing, HPC devices, and storage devices.

XTREME-D is further expanding services for its US customer base via a collaboration with Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions, to open a new data center in Virginia. This location will allow the company to offer AXXE-L HPC Managed IaaS to its USbased customers, a service already well utilized in Japan.

“The most important features of AXXE-L are ease of use, flexible integration with various services, and smart file staging,” said Naoki Shibata, Founder and CEO of XTREME-D. “XTREME-D will always continue to develop our products based on user feedback and keeping these three features in mind, with the goal of becoming the industry standard for HPC as a Service.”

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