ISC 2022 Joint Keynote to Be Delivered by NVIDIA and BMW on Digital Twins and HPC

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Hamburg, Germany, March 22, 2022 – The ISC 2022 HPC conference organizers have announced that the opening keynote, a joint presentation on digital twins simulation technology, will be delivered by Rev Lebaredian, vice president of Omniverse and simulation technology at NVIDIA, and Michele Melchiorre, senior vice president of Production System, Technical Planning, Tool Shop at BMW Group.

Titled Supercomputing: The Key to Unlocking the Next Level of Digital Twins,  Lebaredian will talk about “how a confluence of today’s technologies has led to a big bang in large-scale virtual world simulation.” Then Melchiorre will take the ISC audience on a “journey through stages of BMW’s virtual production system,” which depend heavily on HPC and machine learning. The concept of digital twin is being increasingly adopted in modern manufacturing with the help of simulation and machine learning applications to increase design flexibility, productivity, and the speed of production. It is predicated that digital twin simulations will enable the next era of industrial virtualization.

Lebaredian started his career, applying his computer graphics skills at Warner Brothers Digital and Disney Dream Quest Images, before starting his own venture, Steamboat Software. Top VFX studios around the world have used his work in rendering and volumetric algorithms in many popular computer-graphics reliant films such as “Stuart Little,” “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “X-men 2,” and many more.

When he joined NVIDIA, he was initially involved in shading language for programable GPUs. Since then he has helped NVIDIA take on numerous disparate challenges, including large scale automated testing of 3D apps (GTL), advancing real-time physics simulation (PhysX), in-game photography (Ansel), robotics simulation (Isaac Sim), and immersive product design and visualization (Project Holodeck).

For the last five years, Lebaredian has been leading the Omniverse products, as well as the engineering and research teams to combine the rendering, physics simulation, and AI technologies into a single platform to create and simulate physically accurate virtual worlds.

Melchiorre is considered an automotive industry expert at BMW Group. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience not only in the automotive sector but also in other areas of transport, such as space and rail.

Studying engineering and business administration at university, he developed an interdisciplinary background that was to become a springboard for his wide-ranging career. After graduating, Melchiorre worked for the Daimler-Benz AG, including the aerospace manufacturers DASA and EADS (now Airbus), holding various managerial positions in the fields of production development and strategy, prototyping and manufacturing.

In line with his Italian roots, he then became Vice President Manufacturing Engineering at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Turin. But Melchiorre was drawn back to Germany, more precisely to Berlin, where he joined the rolling stock and rail transport manufacturer Bombardier Transportation as Group Vice President Global Supply Chain. After two years as COO of the Austrian manufacturer of industrial rubber and plastic products Semperit AG Holding, he returned to the automotive sector, join BMW AG as Managing Director of Plant Debrecen in Hungary. Since May 2020 he has been Senior Vice President Production System, Technical Planning, Tool Shop. In this position, Melchiorre is responsible for all planning activities of the BMW Group’s worldwide production network, which encompasses 31 plants, as well as being involved in the areas of electrification, innovation, and digitalization.

This keynote address will be delivered in person on May 30 in Hamburg and will also be streamed live, which the online audience can watch on the ISC digital platform. ISC 2022 is expected to draw some 3,000 attendees.

ISC’s 2022 technical program overview for Monday, May 29 to June 2 is now online. The detailed schedule will be posted shortly. Here is the ISC Covid-19 webpage, which will be updated as ISC receives new information from the city of Hamburg. The current recommendation is all travelers should have received their vaccination or booster or be infection free at least 14 days before travelling into Germany. This website lists all the vaccines recognized in Germany.