Rescale Helps Zero-Emissions Energy Company Amogy Develop Clean Ammonia Solution

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2022 — Rescale, the maker of high performance computing solutions built for the cloud to accelerate engineering innovation, today announced it was collaborating with clean energy pioneer Amogy to develop a technology that uses ammonia-based solutions to power ships, trucks, planes and trains, and slash 10% of global greenhouse emissions by 2040.

“Today, heavy-duty transportation pumps a tenth of the world’s greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere every year,” said Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy. “By adopting the advanced computing techniques of Rescale, we are able to move much faster in our product development cycles. We are seeing a 5X increase in engineering productivity through increased fidelity in our simulations and modeling, while at the same time reducing our compute infrastructure spending.”

Founded in 2020 by a team of former MIT PhDs and based in Brooklyn, New York, Amogy’s goal is to create an ammonia-based power system that would dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions globally – by as much as 10% over the next two decades, Woo said. Amogy’s solution combines advancements in hydrogen fuel cells with the advantages of ammonia as a fuel source.

In December 2021, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund invested an undisclosed amount in Amogy. Partnering with Amazon, Amogy will work towards the demonstration of an ammonia-powered clean cargo-shipping vessel. Amazon has said that decarbonising maritime shipping is one of the biggest environmental challenges that has to be addressed to tackle climate change.

Amogy’s technology development relies on computational research using high performance computing. Engineers at Amogy test multiple models, with a variety of parameters and under varying conditions. A key goal is to optimize a design that maximizes the ammonia-to-hydrogen conversion process in their reactors. The ultimate solution – an alternative energy replacement for fossil fuels that power heavy transport – required computational resources for simulation and modeling at massive scale. Rescale offered a complete HPC-as-a-Service solution with a UI designed by and for scientists.

Backed by investors like Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson, Microsoft, Samsung and NVIDIA, Rescale is accelerating engineering breakthroughs in a wide range of industries, making it possible for scientists and engineers to do more, faster. Rescale automates the entire high performance computing stack, empowering users with computational science and engineering applications with the world’s most powerful computing architectures, while giving IT security and control.

“Our customers and partners use Rescale to dramatically speed up product development cycles to create breakthrough solutions in almost every industry,” said Garrett VanLee, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rescale. “We’re excited to work with the engineers, scientists, and researchers building clean technologies that transform industry and protect the environment for future generations.”

About Amogy:
Amogy offers ammonia-based, emission-free, high energy-density power solutions to decarbonize transportation for a sustainable future. Founded by four MIT PhD alumni with a shared vision in 2020, Amogy aims to enable clean transportation in all sectors, accelerating the global journey towards Net Zero 2050.