Dotmatics Launches Chemistry Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery

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Boston, July 18, 2022 – Dotmatics, an R&D scientific software company connecting science, data and decision-making, today announced the release of its Chemistry Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery, a package of scientific R&D applications, workflows and data management capabilities. The solution combines Dotmatics’ enterprise scientific platform with workflows and best practices derived from the company’s 15+ years of experience supporting small molecule drug discovery.

The Chemistry Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery promotes greater collaboration and productivity among research teams, reduces operational inefficiencies, and speeds the process of taking data from insights to decisions. Together, these benefits accelerate progress towards life-improving drug therapies for patients.

“While small molecule science is making incredible progress in the market, the cost of the drug discoveries is higher than ever, burdened by complex workflows and fragmented data and analysis tools,” said Mike McKee, president of Dotmatics. “We want to drastically improve this process by giving our customers a solution that combines science, software, and instrument data for faster decision making.”

In the United States alone, the Congressional Budget Office reported in 2021 that the annual spend on pharmaceutical research and development was $83 billion–more than 10 times the annual spending in the 1980s even when adjusted for inflation. Meanwhile, productivity in the research labs has decreased as workflows have become more complex and data sets more fragmented.

Data in small molecule drug discovery is commonly siloed in proprietary systems forcing scientists to choose between compromising speed or accuracy. The lack of extractable, composable data and disconnected workflows force researchers into manual data handling, which introduces risks of data errors, inefficiencies, and revision burden.

The new Dotmatics Chemistry Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery supports researchers by addressing these issues, giving them focused capabilities and templates that provide a unified workspace supporting the entire workflow from hit discovery to lead optimization research including design, synthesis, sample logistics, QC analysis, screening, and SAR analysis. Meanwhile guided visualizations and preconfigured cheminformatics analytics capabilities enable medicinal chemists to make better informed decisions, faster.

And since Dotmatics can support that beginning-to-end workflow, customers can optimize their informatics ecosystem by replacing obsolete applications and filling capability gaps. This not only reduces technical debt but also reduces the total cost of ownership associated with working with multiple vendors and the licensing, services, and training that go along with it.

Lab managers can now rely on a secure, cloud-based data management platform that simplifies laboratory data governance together with proven scientific applications and productivity tools that their researchers trust. The chemistry solution automates manual, error-prone data analysis tasks and centralizes data management helping organizations make smarter decisions and ultimately accelerating the discovery of critical drugs and therapies.

The Dotmatics Chemistry Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery incorporates FAIR data practices and provides a uniquely broad and deep solution from hit discovery through lead optimization to progress into animal trials and translational medicine.

Dotmatics is backed by Insight Partners, a global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software scaleup companies. Learn more about Dotmatics, its platform, and applications including GraphPad Prism, Geneious, SnapGene, Protein Metrics, and LabArchives at