Aviatrix Launches CostIQ for Cloud Cost Monitoring

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 31, 2022 — Aviatrix, maker of Intelligent Cloud Networking, today announced CostIQ, which leverages distributed telemetry built into its cloud network to measure usage of shared cloud network resources by accountable cost centers. Enterprise business teams are under pressure to manage cloud spend and CostIQ delivers accurate chargeback or showback allocations for FinOps, Line-of-Business (LOB) owners, and IT/Operation teams, and provides leadership teams greater visibility and control.

According to Futuriom’s 2022 Secure Multicloud Networking Survey Report controlling cloud costs is an escalating issue, with 63% of respondents saying managing the costs of cloud usage has become an urgent priority. Even when shared resource accounts are identifiable, teams may lack the telemetry to accurately allocate costs based on actual usage.

Aviatrix CostIQ allows organizations to track the actual network traffic from cost centers (sources) to the shared cloud resource (destination) to create an accurate breakdown of accounts or subscriptions using the shared resources in the public cloud. Delivered through a simple and easily navigable interface, this visibility into who uses shared cloud resources helps enterprises improve accounting, budgeting, and cloud economics.

“Without telemetry to understand which parts of the business are using which resources – especially when looking at multiple clouds – enterprises don’t have the information they need to allocate the costs of shared cloud resources. Most customers use simple division or central IT shoulders the costs,” said Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Aviatrix. “With CostIQ, we’re using actual network usage to allow business teams to accurately allocate shared resource costs. This means enterprises can better forecast budget requirements and be more strategic in their understanding of cloud resource usage across the entire business.”

CostIQ is possible because of Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking, which improves performance, security, and operational visibility in and across AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, and Alibaba clouds and extends that operating model to enterprise-edge locations. Aviatrix overcomes the inherent limitations and manual configurations of CSP networking services, simplifying multicloud networking and enabling consistent network design, security, visibility, automation, and Day-Two operations in and across all enterprise public clouds.

The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform combines Aviatrix AirSpace™ and Aviatrix CoPilot™ to optimize business-critical application availability, performance, security, and cost.

  • Aviatrix AirSpace for multicloud networking with embedded telemetry and distributed control.
  • Aviatrix CoPilot for operational visibility and programmable intent.

“The network is a key part of our infrastructure that underpins innovation across our business – and while critical, the network can be challenging as it is constantly evolving,” said Jeff Whittemore, Vice President of Infrastructure and Operations at Ulta Beauty. “Aviatrix Intelligent Cloud Networking helps us understand the different parts of the network, circumvent possible barriers, reach operational scale, and ultimately achieve key business outcomes. It has been a game changer for our teams.”