atNorth Partners with Snerpa Power to Improve Energy Efficiency

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Reykjavik, Iceland – 3rd November 2022 – atNorth, a pan-Nordic colocation, HPC and AI service provider, announced it will partner with Snerpa Power to maximise the energy efficiency of their data centers.

Under a new cooperation agreement, atNorth data centers will be connected to Snerpa Power´s software solution to track electricity consumption in real time and automate processes related to load forecasting and scheduling. The objective is to minimise deviations and increase accuracy in electricity purchases.

“atNorth builds its services on renewable energy, produced in a sustainable way,” said Benedikt Gröndal, Managing Director of Operations, atNorth. “Responsible use of energy resources and excellent energy efficiency has guided our decisions from the start. Energy efficiency and the origin of electricity are often cumbersome in our conversations with customers. We are hoping that the cooperation with Snerpa Power will further improve the energy efficiency of our data centers and support important innovation aimed at better utilising the renewable energy produced in this country, which is a socioeconomically important project.”

“It is inspiring to come across power intensive users who are so well aligned with our mission, which is to increase the efficiency of the power system, it´s competitiveness and speed up the energy transition,” commented Iris Baldursdóttir, Managing Director of Snerpa Power. “We can’t wait to work with atNorth to make that happen and believe that this pilot project is only the start of a long and fruitful cooperation.”

The Snerpa Power software platform provides a direct connection to the balancing market for electricity in Iceland. The companies will explore the possibilities for atNorth to sell electricity back to the grid in the form of balancing energy resulting in improved utilisation of renewable resources, leaving more room in the market for the energy transition. The pilot project is expected to activate atNorth as a user in the electricity market, automate processes and contribute to a more efficient and sustainable power system.

Ásdís Ólafsdóttir, ESG Manager, atNorth added, “Support for sustainable innovation is close to us, so it is a joy to start collaborating with Snerpa Power and supporting the pioneering work that will lead to better utilisation of resources.”