Q-CTRL and Classiq Partner on Quantum Algorithm Development

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, November 21, 2022 – Q-CTRL, a quantum control infrastructure software company, and quantum algorithm development software company Classiq have announced a partnership intended to provide an end-to-end platform for designing, executing and analyzing quantum algorithms.

The new partnership will integrate Classiq‘s Quantum Algorithm Design platform with Q-CTRL‘s advanced quantum control techniques designed to boost hardware performance. The collaboration combines the sector’s leading quantum product teams uniting research by expert developers, physicists and scientists.
The integration will provide a single interface where developers can use both solutions to create algorithms and run them with high-performance error reduction techniques, simplifying the end-to-end process of getting useful insights from quantum computers. The powerful technologies developed by both companies reduce the need for users to possess deep quantum computing expertise, allowing developers to focus on domain-specific applications that matter most to them.
Customers can use these tools out-of-the-box to get more out of today’s hardware and prepare to build useful quantum algorithms to solve some of the world’s most difficult computational problems, such as finance, quantum machine learning for drug discovery, and optimization problems for logistics.
“Our partnership with Classiq is another significant step forward in making quantum technology useful and readily available,” said Aravind Ratnam, Chief Strategy Officer at Q-CTRL. “We look forward to seeing how developers leverage our new integration to address critical challenges that are too complex for classical computing.”
Users will be able to develop in Classiq’s platform while incorporating Q-CTRL’s hardware-enhancing tools “under the hood.” Classiq’s quantum algorithm design platform can take high-level functional models and transform them into quantum circuits, which will be automatically optimized by Q-CTRL’s infrastructure software. These tools are both hardware agnostic, meaning they can run on a wide range of quantum hardware providers.
“We are excited to partner with Q-CTRL to combine our expertise and platforms for real-world benefit,” said Nir Minerbi, CEO and co-founder at Classiq. “Combining our complementary technologies creates a seamless and computationally improved environment that expands the possibilities for quantum developers, and we are proud to enable new, impactful applications.”
Currently, noise and decoherence in quantum hardware is one of the biggest hindrances preventing the quantum industry from achieving the full potential of the technology. Q-CTRL offers solutions to improve quantum algorithm and hardware design to reduce these adverse effects, while also offering educational tools to expand the talent pool of quantum software engineers. Q-CTRL is uniquely focused on creating an ecosystem of products to solve the biggest limitations in the industry to make quantum technology useful for organizations around the world.