Cloud Company Vultr Announces Availability of NVIDIA H100s and Data Science Partnerships with Anaconda and Domino Data Labs

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March 21, 2023 — WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Vultr, cloud computing company, today announced availability of the NVIDIA HGX H100 for accelerated computing. Vultr also announced today a three-way strategic alliance with leading data science and machine learning operations platforms Anaconda Inc. and Domino Data Lab designed to accelerate the work of MLOps engineers.

The NVIDIA HGX H100 joins Vultr’s other cloud-based NVIDIA GPU offerings, including the A100, A40, and A16, rounding out Vultr’s extensive infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) support for accelerated computing workloads. From generative AI, deep learning, HPC, video rendering and graphics-intensive applications, to virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) applications and more, Vultr’s robust GPU lineup extends its full range of affordable cloud computing solutions that make Vultr the ideal cloud infrastructure provider for AI and machine learning intensive businesses.

“The expansion of our NVIDIA GPU portfolio combined with our partnerships with Domino and Anaconda demonstrate our commitment to supporting innovation in AI and machine learning,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO of Vultr’s parent company Constant. “We have aligned with the best providers of solutions for data scientists and MLOps to enable easy and affordable access to the highest performance accelerated computing infrastructure.”

The seamless integration of the products and services from Vultr, Domino, and Anaconda delivers a platform engineering approach to MLOps to accelerate data science and reduce time-to-value. Within 60 seconds data scientists can spin up a complete and secure Anaconda development environment on the Domino MLOps platform, running on Vultr infrastructure, to immediately begin developing and testing new machine learning models. This unique alliance eliminates the complexity of configuring infrastructure and IDEs, so data science and MLOps teams can focus on innovation instead of operations.

“The most innovative data scientists can solve the world’s greatest challenges when they have easier access to the tools they know and love, and better collaboration – resulting in faster model iterations and deployment,” said Thomas Robinson, COO of Domino Data Lab. “By teaming up with Anaconda and Vultr, we’re paving the way to breakthrough innovation with end-to-end support for AI/ML lifecycles that accelerates time-to-value for data science teams.”

“Together, Domino and Vultr make near-instantaneous access to our IDE available on demand from anywhere serious data science needs to happen,” said Anaconda SVP Worldwide Revenue, Al Gashi . “Customers can confidently access the open-source tools their team needs to drive innovation forward and scale their machine learning projects. Through this partnership, data science teams can focus on what they do best — moving the world forward with AI-based innovation.”

“Vultr’s introduction of the NVIDIA HGX H100 on its platform is unleashing the power of next-generation accelerated computing for customers,” said Dave Salvator, director of accelerated computing products at NVIDIA. “AI and machine learning developers can easily access the NVIDIA HGX H100 through Vultr, along with the broad NVIDIA AI platform, to supercharge their AI solutions.”

Vultr’s mission is to make high-performance cloud computing easy to use, affordable, and locally accessible for businesses and developers around the world. From the largest supercomputing clusters to virtual machines with fractional GPUs, Vultr makes access to the industry’s best GPUs affordable by freeing users from the expensive overprovisioning embedded in the offerings of the Big Tech clouds. Customers can access Cloud GPUs by the hour or month just as needed, or on a long-term reserved capacity basis.

Vultr now offers the most powerful accelerated computing resources for unprecedented performance. NVIDIA GPUs are also integrated with Vultr’s broad array of virtualized cloud compute and bare metal offerings, as well as Kubernetes, managed databases, block and object storage, and more. This seamless product and services array makes Vultr the preferred all-in-one provider for businesses of all sizes with critical AI and machine learning initiatives.