At ISC 2023: Lenovo Discusses a Decade-Plus of Delivering Sustainable HPC

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In this interview at ISC 2023 with Lenovo’s Rick Koopman, EMEA Director HPC and AI Emerging Markets, we discuss Lenovo’s mission to stay at the leading edge of sustainable HPC hardware solutions.

Lenovo has built out a comprehensive green HPC strategy that extends from liquid cooled HPC servers to carbon-offset programs to Asset Recovery Services that allow customers to sell or dispose of replaced IT gear in environmentally and economically sound ways. This interview with Koopman mainly focuses on the company’s Neptune line of liquid cooling technologies, what sets it apart from the competition and how Lenovo goes beyond cooling just chips within servers but also an array of other server components, along with services for efficiently cooling entire clusters and data centers.

Koopman also answers the question: how many more times efficient is Lenovo water cooling than air cooling?