Quantum-HPC Integrated Data Center under Development in the Netherlands

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Enschede, Netherlands, St. Gallen, Switzerland, May 15th, 2023 – QMware and QuiX Quantum are collaborating to develop what the companies say is the first integrated, hybrid quantum-classical platform in Enschede, the Netherlands, where QuiX Quantum’s headquarters is located. The hybrid architecture integrates high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with native quantum computing technology onsite.

The companies said the data center is expected to be fully operational for commercial applications in August 2023.

  • QMware is co-locating HPC hardware with QuiX Quantum’s photonic-based technology and integrating the different hardware types with shared memory access through QMware’s proprietary software.
  • The new data center aims to deliver 10-fold processing power, the companies said, for more efficient and accurate results.
  • With QuiX Quantum providing a scalable technology, industry use cases include optimization applications, such as route planning and payload optimization, in logistics or aerospace, or collateral portfolio and risk control in finance.

QMware and QuiX Quantum will co-locate the hardware onsite and integrate different computing paradigms (HPC and native quantum hardware) with shared memory access on the high-performance computer under a unified Linux operating system. This new approach provides significant performance improvements and cost savings over existing commercial hybrid quantum services. On the contrary, vendors currently require web integrations on separate computational stacks to orchestrate processing between quantum and classical hardware.

The hybrid architecture of QMware’s proprietary hardware and software platform enables classical and native quantum hardware to be built and utilized side-by-side. For end customers, this integration enables the simultaneous access of both computing backends with performance and low latency. The quantum technology from QuiX Quantum is designed to support large computational models, such as optimization and machine learning applications with millions of variables.

The companies said photonics-based QuiX Quantum’s quantum computer is a good fit for data center integration because it operates at room temperature and provides scalable quantum technology. QMware will use a broadband, low-latency optical fiber connection to attach HPC infrastructure with simulated and native quantum hardware.

“We believe that the Photonics Quantum Processing Units by QuiX Quantum, integrated into QMware’s Hybrid Quantum High-Performance Computers, are one of the most promising technologies to provide commercially sustainable quantum computing advantage,” says George Gesek, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of QMware. “By integrating HPC infrastructure and QuiX Quantum’s native quantum hardware at the deepest possible layer, we aim to provide commercial quantum advantage at scale. Our clients will benefit from application-specific performance enhancements, resulting in data processing speeds up to 10 times faster!”

“We are excited to be working with QMware on this groundbreaking project,” says Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hengesbach, CEO of QuiX Quantum.“At QuiX Quantum, we are fully committed to making native quantum hardware accessible for early industrial applications. QuiX Quantum’s technologies make quantum hardware integration into existing data centers a reality today. Optimizing energy grids, supply chains, or traffic routing, are just some of the examples that are under investigation in collaboration with QMware.”