@HPCpodcast: HPC Software Rock Star Sunita Chandrasekaran on Exascale Programming and the Emergence of the RSE

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Sunita Chandrasekaran

In this episode of the @HPCpodcast, sponsored by Lenovo, Shahin and Doug talk with University of Delaware’s Sunita Chandrasekaran, a rock star in the world of supercomputing software. Chandrasekaran is Associate Professor at the Deptartment of Computer Information Systems abd co-directing the AI Center of Excellence at the university and a computational scientist with Brookhaven National Lab .

She joins us to discuss software for exascale-class systems – including her work on application development for the Frontier supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab – directive-based parallel programming, the emergence of the research software engineering (RSE) as a recognized discipline and career, what AI will mean for the HPC industry, and the critical importance of communication and community among teams.

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