@HPCpodcast: Sorting through the Linux Open Source Uproar – Red Hat Sets off a Firestorm

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Joe Landman

The Linux open source software community has been in an uproar since late June when Red Hat announced changes to the status of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the standard-bearer for Linux users in HPC and AI. Red Hat’s move prompted a firestorm of reactions from vendors (AlmaLinux, Oracle, SUSE), users and devotees.

In this episode, Shahin and Doug talk with Dr. Joe Landman, a Linux open source consultant and veteran of HPE, Cray and Scalable Informatics. Joe has been a business and technology leader, a hands-on engineer and architect, and a data analyst and researcher.  A computational physicist by training, he was one of the early pioneers of custom and accelerated systems. Here he helps us sort through Red Hat’s June 21 announcement along with the various responses, including a June 29 blog from Greg Kurtzer, CEO of CIQ and creator of Rocky Linux, a “bug-for-bug” compatible version of RHEL.

Among issues discussed: Red Hat’s changes to the RHEL access mechanism and distribution rights, who this affects and how the open source Linux landscape might change. Here’s Joe’s blog on this and other HPC software.

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