September HPC User Forum: AI in HPC, Sustainability and Cloud Computing  

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ST PAUL, Minn., July 17, 2023 — The HPC User Forum has published an updated agenda spotlighting featured speakers for its upcoming meeting, Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 6-7, 2023, in Tucson, Arizona at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.

 The full agenda and registration information can be found here.

 There will be sessions and panel discussions focused on:

  • Using AI in HPC and how generative AI is changing the world
    • New AI use cases and how AI, HPC and cloud can be used together for new applications
    • New AI technologies that are useful to HPC users
    • Hyperion Research study results on LLMs
  • The DOE HPC4Energy Innovations Program
  • Updates on exascale and leadership computing from the US and Europe
  • Diversity in HPC/AI and how can we attract more people into the HPC/AI community
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency in all parts of a HPC data center
  • How cloud computing is adding new capabilities to the HPC/AI community

Each evening will include a special dinner event, including a talk from Dr. Steve Chien, JPL-NASA, entitled, “How NASA Uses AI & Machine Learning to Enable and Accelerate NASA’s Space Exploration and Moon-to-Mars Objectives,” and a dinner talk on “How Large Language Models are Constructed and Run.”

The following list is a summary of the featured topics and speakers:

  • HPC Market Update, Earl Joseph, CEO, Hyperion Research
  • New Advances in Using AI and Using HPC & AI Combined (How Generative AI is Changing the World): Examples and Successes Using Large language Models
    • Nicholas Nystrom, CTO, Peptilogics, Inc.
    • Peter Harrington, Machine Learning Engineer, LBL
    • Wahid Bhimji, Acting Data Dept Head and Group Lead, LBL, AI & ML
    • New Research on How LLMs are Evolving, Bob Sorensen, Senior VP, Hyperion Research
  • Creating Innovative AI Solutions: David Sherwood, Founder, Cognitive Science & Solutions, ChatGPT
  • HPC Site Updates:
    • LANL Platform Planning and Update, Gary Grider, Deputy Division Leader, LANL
    • Lloyd Slonaker, Technical Insertion Lead, AFRL DoD
    • Simon Hammond, Program Manager, NNSA
    • Homeland Security
    • Update on HPC at KAUST and in the Middle East, Jysoo Lee, Facilities Director of Research Computing Core Labs, KAUST
    • How HPC and High-Fidelity Modeling with the ExaWind Codes Can Advance Wind Energy, Shashank Yellapantula, Research IV-Mechanical Engineering, NREL
  • Research Perspectives on Sustainability, Mark Nossokoff, Hyperion Research
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in All Parts of a HPC Data Center (Moderator: Suzy Tichenor)
    • Norman Bourassa, Energy Performance Engineer, LBL
    • Dan Stanzione, Associate Vice President for Research, TACC
    • Piyush Mehrotra, Division Chief, NASA
    • Jim Rogers, Director, Computing and Facilities, ORNL
    • Wesley Dye, VP of Special Projects, Switch
    • Simon Burbidge, DiRAC
    • Ti Leggett, Deputy Project Director & Deputy Director of Operations, ANL
    • Panel Discussion
  1. Leadership Computing & Exascale Updates: Europe and the US
    • An Update on Leadership Computing in Europe, Leonardo Flores, Senior Expert, EU
    • Update on the Aurora Supercomputer, Ti Leggett, Deputy Project Director & Deputy Director of Operations, ANL
    • Simon Burbidge, DiRAC and UK Updates
    • The Exascale Computing Project (ECP)
    • Representatives from NNSA and LLNL
  • Diversity in HPC/AI and How Can We Attract More People into the HPC/AI Community
  • SiPearl European Processor Update, Craig Prunty, Vice President of Marketing, SiPearl
  • The DOE HPC4Energy Innovations Program and Industrial Partnerships (moderator: Aaron Fisher, LLNL)
    • HPC Simulations of Interface Resolved Multiphase Flows in a Bubble Column Reactor, Ramanan Sankaran, Group Leader, ORNL, Partner: Shell
    • Partially Saturated Flow through Deformable Porous Media, Troy Shilt, SNL, Partner: Procter & Gamble
    • Lighting a Match in a Fire Extinguisher: Simulating Oxycombustion in Super-critical CO2 for Carbon-neutral Power Generation, Michael Martin , Researcher IV-High Performance Computing, NREL and Shashank Yellapantula, Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering, NREL, Partner: 8 Rivers
  • How Cloud Computing is Adding New Capabilities to HPC and AI: How CSPs are Addressing Sustainability and How They are Supporting New AI Applications
  • Special Dinner Events:  
    • How NASA Uses AI & Machine Learning to Enable and Accelerate NASA’s Space Exploration and MoontoMars Objectives, Dr. Steve Chien, JPL Fellow, Senior Research Scientist, and Technical Group Supervisor of the Artificial Intelligence Group, JPL-NASA
    • How Large Language Models are Constructed and Run 

The HPC User Forum was established in 1999 to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users ( The organization is directed by a volunteer Steering Committee of users from government, industry, and academia, and is operated for the users by market analyst firm Hyperion Research.