Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers Featured with NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH

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Aug. 8, 2023 – Today, the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3 was featured on stage at SIGGRAPH as an NVIDIA OVX server that will soon include the newly announced NVIDIA L40S GPUs. Lenovo said these servers will help professionals worldwide advance AI and bring generative AI applications like intelligent chatbots, search and summarization tools to users across industries.

“Lenovo is the leading provider of omniverse and OVX in the cloud and on prem,” said Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. “With the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3 powered by the new NVIDIA L40S GPU, Lenovo is extending our omniverse leadership into generative AI, helping businesses implement next generation AI, immersive metaverse simulations and cognitive decisions at scale.

Announced today, the new NVIDIA L40S GPU is a powerful, universal data center processor designed to accelerate the most compute-intensive, complex applications, including AI training and inference, 3D design and visualization, video processing and industrial digitalization with the NVIDIA Omniverse™ platform.

The L40S delivers breakthrough multi-workload acceleration for large language model (LLM) inference and retraining, graphics, and video applications. As the premier platform for multi-modal generative AI, the L40S GPU provides end-to-end acceleration to power the next generation of AI-enabled audio, speech, 2D, video, and 3D applications. The L40S will also be a key component for the next generation of NVIDIA Omniverse OVX 3.0 platforms delivering the highest fidelity and most accurate digital twins.

Lenovo is well positioned for supporting the L40S with many servers in the line-up optimized for the new GPUs. As fully simulated digital replicas of entire buildings, factories, distribution centers, retail stores or cities, digital twins are combined with generative AI to improve business processes and design outcomes. Lenovo is extending its collaboration with NVIDIA on its NVIDIA OVX system for building and operating virtual worlds to generative AI, delivering powerful performance for AI workloads in the data center.

The ThinkSystem SR675 V3, the leading platform supporting the OVX architecture, features up to eight NVIDIA L40S GPUs to maximize performance and deliver the most advanced ray tracing with RTX-accelerated graphics and AI capabilities in a robust and scalable platform, allowing customers to explore and unlock the full potential of generative AI. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3 is the most versatile, accelerated computing platform on the market with three server configurations in one, including support for NVIDIA HGX A100 4-GPU systems with NVLink and Lenovo Neptune hybrid liquid cooling, as well as 4 or 8 GPU configurations, featuring NVIDIA L40S, NVIDIA H100 80GB or NVIDIA H100 NVL servers in a compact 3U footprint.

Together, these advancements serve to simplify the rollout of AI, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes and enable transformative intelligence across all industries.