PEAK:AIO Partners with Stormgrid on High Performance AI Solutions

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Manchester, England, Aug. 7, 2023 — PEAK:AIO, a provider of a software defined storage platform designed for artificial intelligence, today announced a partnership with Stormgrid, a provider of hybrid AI solutions. Together, PEAK:AIO and Stormgrid plan to offer AI infrastructure providing enhanced performance and scalability for Stormgrid’s customer base.

“Stormgrid is known for its state-of-the-art solutions that can tackle any AI workload. The company prioritizes being flexible enough to meet all of its customer’s unique needs by utilizing a wide range of AI technologies and tools,” said Mark Klarzynski, CEO and Founder of PEAK:AIO.  “At PEAK:AIO, we bring ultra-performance AI data storage to Stormgrid’s customers, bringing unprecedented value that easily aligns with their storage modernization efforts.”

Based in Sweden, Stormgrid brings together the best brands and products to create tailored, unified, and scalable AI solutions for SMEs to the enterprise. Stormgrid offers a holistic solution that includes the latest technologies combined with the expertise of its skilled team and partners allowing the company to meet the unique needs of each of its customers working with AI.

The PEAK:AIO AI Data Server economically powers AI workloads, bringing ultra-low latency bandwidth, enabling more investment to be made on GPU resources. PEAK:AIO achieves a ground-breaking performance of over 80GB/sec., outperforming some of the largest multi-node solutions. PEAK:AIO’s full performance can be delivered to a single GPU client server. No other solution in the market matches this level of performance delivered to a single client.

“It can be difficult for organizations to kick-off their AI initiatives. Challenges related to infrastructure, scalability and even funding can bring planned innovation to a grinding halt,” said Joel Bergman, CEO of Stormgrid. “PEAK:AIO’s powerful infrastructure pushes the boundaries of AI performance helping organizations to start small and grow into their AI storage projects as they ramp. We are confident this new partnership will bring technological and business benefit to our collective customers.”