DE-CIX and DCX Partner to Power AI and HPC

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Phoenix – September 07, 2023 – DE-CIX, an Internet Exchange (IX) operator and home to a carrier and data center-neutral interconnection ecosystem, announced its partnership with Data Center, a provider of managed hyper-density colocation solutions built for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and mission-critical applications. Currently taking pre-orders, this collaboration brings together the renowned interconnection capabilities of DE-CIX and DCX’s state-of-the-art hyper-density data center in the Phoenix area.

For DCX, this will enhance its interconnection options and provide customers with greater access to DE-CIX’s interconnection platform, enabling direct connectivity to over 300 networks in the US and thousands of networks globally. The partnership leverages dense power technology to seamlessly integrate DE-CIX’s interconnection capabilities directly into DCX’s GY flagship data center facility in Goodyear, AZ. This strategic collaboration empowers DCX customers with turnkey access to DE-CIX Phoenix, while extending their reach to 30 DE-CIX IX’s across North America and Europe. This means that the DE-CIX ecosystem of national and international networks – Internet service providers (ISPs), carriers, content networks, content distribution networks (CDNS), cloud service providers, and enterprises – are directly accessible to DCX customers through a simple cross-connect to the DE-CIX platform in the DCX facilities.

Led by George Slessman and Bill Slessman, DCX combines its hyper-density power infrastructure and 100% dedicated critical systems to create an exceptional environment for businesses seeking optimal performance, scalability, and security for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and mission-critical applications. Through this partnership, DCX and DE-CIX are shaping the future of data centers, providing customers with unparalleled interconnection opportunities and unleashing the full potential of AI and high-performance computing.

“Partnering with DE-CIX is a pivotal step for DCX as we continue to revolutionize the data center industry. DE-CIX’s global interconnection expertise and robust ecosystem perfectly complement DCX’s vision of delivering cutting-edge solutions for high-performance computing and AI. Together, we are poised to create a powerful platform that seamlessly connects our customers to the world, enabling unprecedented collaboration and innovation. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing best-in-class infrastructure and unlocking the full potential of the AI revolution. With DE-CIX as our trusted partner, we are confident in our ability to reshape the data center landscape and empower organizations to thrive in the digital age.” George Slessman, Co-Founder and CEO of DCX.

“Mission-critical business applications, AI, and cloud-based applications and services all require connectivity optimized for low latency and high bandwidth. The best way to achieve this is with direct interconnection over an IX, otherwise known as ‘peering’,” according to Ed d’Agostino, VP for DE-CIX North America. “The combination of peering and direct cloud connectivity via the DE-CIX platform, together with the unique high density, customizable power offerings of DCX, offers network operators and organizations in and around Phoenix critical advantages in a competitive market.”

DE-CIX Phoenix is the first neutral, commercially managed IX to serve the southwest region. With this partnership, DE-CIX Phoenix will have eight available data centers across the area, making it the most widely distributed throughout the market. “The powerful collaboration between DE-CIX and DCX will take us and our customers on an extraordinary journey as we redefine the possibilities of the digital age, driving innovation, connectivity, and transformative business outcomes. Together, we are empowering organizations to unleash the full potential of their data and unlock limitless opportunities in the ever-evolving digital landscape,” concluded George Slessman from DCX.