Quantum Corp. Announces Pre-Configured ActiveScale Cold Storage Bundles

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SAN JOSE, Sept. 13, 2023 – Quantum Corporation (NASDAQ: QMCO), an unstructured data storage company, today announced pre-configured bundles designed to simplify purchasing and deploying Quantum ActiveScale Cold Storage, an S3-enabled object storage solution architected for active and cold data sets.

With the massive amount of data organizations need to retain for business and compliance purposes, Quantum said, they use both public and private cloud resources to store and manage this data, driven by their budget, frequency with which they need to access the data, and their data protection requirements. With ActiveScale, customers can
build their own cloud storage resource to control costs and ensure access to their data for compliance, analysis, and to gather insights to drive business forward. 


“We’re using Quantum ActiveScale to build Amidata Secure Cloud Storage, which delivers highly scalable, available, and affordable storage for organizations,” says Rocco Scaturchio, director of sales and marketing for Amidata, a leading managed service provider based in Australia. “The new offering enables organizations to tap into cloud storage benefits even if they lack internal cloud expertise.” 


As a leading Outperformer in the latest GigaOm Object Storage: Enterprise Radar Report, ActiveScale combines advanced object store software with hyperscale tape technology to provide massively scalable, highly durable, and extremely low-cost storage for archiving cold data, enabling organizations to maintain control of their most valuable data assets and unlock value in cold data over years and decades without unpredictable and expensive access fees. Whether customers are developing solutions for life and earth sciences, media production, government programs, web services, IoT infrastructure, or video surveillance, ActiveScale is ideal for unstructured data management, data analytics and AI workloads, active archiving, and long-term retention and protection of massive data sets.  


To simplify purchasing, ActiveScale Cold Storage is now available in pre-configured bundles complete with all the components customers need to easily deploy the solution. The bundles are available in four standard capacity sizes—Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large—that range from 10 petabytes up to 100 petabytes. 


Quantum’s end-to-end platform empowers customers to address their unstructured data needs across the entire data lifecycle and create flexible, hybrid cloud workflows that are designed for their unique needs and goals,” said Brian Pawlowski, chief development officer for Quantum. “With the new ActiveScale Cold Storage bundles, customers get the benefit of an on-prem cloud resource that’s easy to purchase and deploy so they can get up and running and realize benefits more quickly.”  


ActiveScale is a new class of object storage that enables any organization generating petabytes of data to deploy S3 Glacier Class storage within their own data center, colocation facility, or hosted IT environment, which is now even easier with the new pre-configured bundles,” said John Steiner, senior vice president, services, for data center and IT solutions company, Encore Technologies. 


“ActiveScale provides the reliable, highly scalable, S3-compatible object storage we needed for building our new storage service,” says Jochen Kraus, managing director, MR Datentechnik, a leading German managed services provider. “With ActiveScale, we have a very flexible platform for meeting a broad spectrum of customer needs.”