Dell and Meta in GenAI Pact with Llama 2 LLMs

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Oct. 32, 2023 — Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) is collaborating with Meta in a partnership designed to make it easy to deploy Meta’s Llama 2 large language models on premises with Dell’s generative AI portfolio of IT infrastructure and client devices.

Dell said the collaboration simplifies the on-premises AI environment by bringing together Dell’s infrastructure portfolio and Llama 2 AI models. Dell has integrated Meta’s Llama 2 models into its system sizing tools to help guide customers to the right solution to power their Llama 2 based AI implementations. “Customers can accelerate their GenAI efforts on-premises in a traditional data center or at edge locations,” Dell said in its announcement.

Microsoft and Meta last July introduced Llama 2, the second generation of their LLM. It has up to 70 billion parameters and was trained on 40 percent more data than its predecessor, accoring to the compaies, providing twice the context length of Llama 1. Llama 2 includes model weights and example code to start on-prem deployment and training. It is also available in conversational fine-tuned versions. It’s available through the Llama 2 Community License and is available for research and commercial use for free.

The Dell-Meta offering  provides pre-tested Dell infrastructure, software and services for on-premises deployments and it includes deployment and configuration guidance.

In a Dell blog post accompanying today’s announcement, the compay said that out of the box, the smallest of the Dell-Meta offerings, the 7B model (7 billion parameters) requires one GPU, the 13B model requires two GPUs, and the 70B model requires eight GPUs. NVIDIA NVLink is required for interconnectivity between the GPUs.

“We are at the beginning of a new era with GenAI transforming how industries operate, innovate and compete,” said Jeff Boudreau, chief AI officer, Dell Technologies. “With the Dell and Meta technology collaboration, we’re making open-source genAI more accessible to all customers, through detailed implementation guidance paired with the optimal software and hardware infrastructure for deployments of all sizes. Now, customers can more easily deploy secure GenAI models on-premises for powerful new approaches and insights.”

 “With Meta’s Llama 2 and the breadth of the Dell Generative AI Solutions technology and services portfolio, organizations of all sizes have access to reliable tools to deliver genAI solutions from desktops to core data centers, edge locations and public clouds,” Dell said.