GroqRack System is Now Available in ALCF AI Testbed

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Oct. 18, 2023 – Access to the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility’s new GroqRack system is open to the global research community. The ALCF said it welcome proposals from the open-science global research community, including from academia, national labs and industry through the ALCF’s Director’s Discretionary program. There is no submission deadline; proposals will be accepted throughout the year.

The Groq software and hardware ecosystem is designed to accelerate your time to solution for complex AI problems, with particular benefits for AI inference. GroqRack’s inference capabilities will be especially useful in training machine learning models to make predictions or discover patterns in complex data.

Allocations are also available at ALCF on Graphcore Bow IPUs, Cerebras CS-2, and SambaNova DataScale systems.

Groq AI Workshop: On December 6 & 7, we’re hosting a hands-on training session focused on using the new Groq system for scientific research:

SC23 Tutorial Programming Novel AI Accelerators for Scientific Computing: Groq, Argonne, and other AI vendors will hold a tutorial at SC23 to introduce researchers to novel AI accelerators for scientific computing. Join for the tutorial.

Contact with any questions.