At SC23: AMD’s Brent Gorda Talks TOP500-GREEN500 and the ‘Imminent’ MI300 GPU

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At ISC 2023, we talked with Brent Gorda, AMD Senior Executive, HPC & AI, who updated us on, among other items:

  • AMD’s presence on the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers (including the surprising benchmark from the no. 20 AMD EPYC-powered system at KAUST research university) and on the GREEN500, (eight of the top 10 are AMD-powered) which ranks HPC systems by per-watt efficiency.
  • An update on MI300 series GPUs, to be announced soon, including a discussion of the “fused” architecture for the CPU-GPU version of the accelerator. “It will disrupt the way we’ve been using GPUs for the last 20 years,” Gorda said.
  • Comments on the significance of the HPC market for AMD.