TierPoint Selects DDC Cabinet Technology for AI Workloads in High-Density Data Center

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San Diego – DDC Cabinet Technology, maker of scalable data center-to-edge solutions that feature patented Dynamic Density Control (DDC) technology, announced the company’s ‘better than liquid’ cooling technology will support the augmentation of a TierPoint data center in eastern Pennsylvania, helping meet explosive demand for AI workloads and representing one of the largest ultra-high-density, single-user commercial deployments on record.

In designing the new facility, TierPoint selected DDC S-Series Cabinet Technology to future-proof the datacenter investment, making it scalable, reliable, and ready to meet increasing densities beyond the current requirement for years to come. Having deployed DDC award-winning cabinets in other data centers across the US, TierPoint had first-hand experience that the technology could deliver AI anywhere, with industry-leading air-cooled density—while supporting the lowest cost to deploy of any competitive solution. TierPoint’s newest deployment will feature 324 DDC S-Series cabinets, each supporting 50kW per equipment rack, with the ability to scale up to 85kW per rack as workloads evolve.

“DDC S-Series cabinets are a proven solution to answering the massive demand created by AI and other high-density GPU workloads,” said Keith Markley, TierPoint, Executive Vice President, Data Center Operations. “These cabinets were also the only solution that could deliver the density, efficiency, and ease of deployment our client required.”

The Scalable S-Series Data Center Cabinets are among the highest-density air-cooled systems on the market. The closed-loop, modular design allows TierPoint to scale, adding capacity as demand increases. DDC combines the efficiency of water cooling with the risk-free flexibility of air, meaning customers can simply rack equipment as they have done for decades without the complications of direct liquid cooling.

The patented DDC technology adjusts both supply and return airflow volumes, while surgically adapting environmental conditions based on real-time equipment loads, delivering better hardware and component performance and unbeatable future-proofing. In addition to its easier-than-liquid deployment prowess, the S-Series also features fire suppression, physical security enhancements, granular monitoring visibility, and cutting-edge efficiency tools, delivering much more than the simple heat abatement found in solutions like rear-door heat exchangers.

“DDC cabinets make for a less expensive build with much higher efficiency. They are easier to install and manage, and they actually solve other challenges like dense cabling deployments and ensuring guaranteed airflow per kilowatt of power deployed, which is becoming a critical metric for AI and similar workloads,” Markley added.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with TierPoint, as they support the rapid expansion of cloud solutions for computationally-intensive use cases, including machine learning and AI, visual effects and rendering, batch processing, and pixel streaming,” said Chris Orlando, DDC, Chairman and Co-Founder. “DDC cabinets continue to be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to build and augment data center capacity – one that is sustainable, future-proofed against increases in density, and delivers real differentiation for data center operators and their end-users alike.  By deploying DDC cabinets and software, TierPoint reduces its cost to build and greatly enhances it capabilities to serve customers like these, as well as new and emerging demands in the data center space.”